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Four charged with killing Raleigh store owner

Posted March 4, 2012
Updated July 8, 2014

— Police said Sunday that they have solved the December shooting death of a popular tobacco store owner in north Raleigh with the arrest of four men with links to similar robberies in Greenville and the capital city.

Majid Mohram, 39, was shot in the chest during a robbery while he worked at M3 Tobacco, 3132-101 Calvary Drive, during the evening of Dec. 2, police say.

Kwamane Monte Everett, 21, of 5504 Chatt St. in Raleigh, Dariel Travionte Haddock, 20, of 1641 Caleb St. in Greenville, Steven Marcel Cooley, 20, of Greenville, and Demario Quentel Williams, 21, of Greenville, face charges of murder, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

"(They) basically wasted somebody's life and their lives. Not good," said customer Mario Wallace, who knew Mohram.

Relatives said that Mohram had opened his store just five months earlier. He left behind a wife and two young children, who have since returned to their native Yemen.

"He was a really good man. He was working a lot, trying to get a good life and make a nice (life) for his wife and kids," Mohram's cousin, Sultan Muharram, said in December.

The robbers took a wallet, cellphone and keys worth about $300 from Mohram, according to arrest warrants.

Surveillance video shows two men with handkerchiefs over their faces running into the store. One man carries a handgun and appears to point it at someone behind the counter.

"It's horrible," store clerk Mohammad Alsid said Sunday. "When they told me about what happened, I was like, '(I'm) scared. I don't want to work. I don't want to do anything in this store.'"

M3 Tobacco surveillance image Four men accused of killing Raleigh store owner

Since the shooting, surveillance cameras that cover every corner of the store and show people before they enter have been added to M3 Tobacco.

Search warrants show that links to other robberies in Raleigh and Greenville led police to the arrests.

Greenville police arrested Everett, Cooley, Haddock and Williams during a traffic stop Jan. 8 after the armed robbery of a Food Lion store there, WNCT reports.

Raleigh police detectives noted similarities among the Greenville robbery, the M3 Tobacco shop robbery and the robbery of a Food Lion store on Louisburg Road in Raleigh on Jan. 2.

In a Feb. 23 interview with Raleigh detectives, Williams admitted that he was the getaway driver in the Raleigh Food Lion robbery and that the vehicle was in Greenville, warrants state.

A search of the 1999 white Lincoln Town Car turned up 19 rounds of ammunition, a cell phone, Cooley's GED and birth certificates, and music lyrics composed by Haddock, according to the search warrants.

"The perseverance of those follow-up efforts led to arrest warrants charging the four suspects in connection with the Dec. 2 murder and robbery," Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said, adding that the multi-agency investigation is ongoing.

All four suspects were transferred from the Pitt County Detention Center to the Wake County jail this weekend. They are scheduled to appear in court Monday.

Everett and Haddock both have previous misdemeanor convictions from Pitt County, state Department of Correction records show. Haddock was on probation after being convicted of two larceny counts last May, while Everett was convicted of simple assault in 2008.


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  • The original American Mar 6, 2012

    Animals kill only in order to survive: food, self-defense, mating territory in certain seasons, but they don't kill for fun.
    Wrong. Ever see a cat play with a mouse, kill it, then walk away?

  • storchheim Mar 5, 2012

    BOMustGo, just so we're clear...I meant animals are better than these violent creatures. Animals at least need a reason to kill and don't do it just in order to...wait, why WOULD anyone kill if they didn't have to?

    Maybe I don't want to know.

  • storchheim Mar 5, 2012

    "Whining and fear are the main things are generating the responses ...." Statick


  • muggs Mar 5, 2012

    The apple does not fall far from the tree and that goes for any color or type of apple.

  • mileage be playing dat Mar 5, 2012

    Y dey be chargin 4 when onlees 1 pult datrigger???

  • working for deadbeats Mar 5, 2012

    "This crime has nothing to do with race! Melanin in your skin doesn't make you commit crimes," sllenterprises

    Very true, but the culture your raised in does and the values instilled in you or the lack of. Why is easy money and violence so celebrated in said culture? Can I get an honest answer? I agree the color of skin has nothing to do with it, so it should never be used as an excuse to shirk responsibility. Hmmmm....

  • Vietnam Vet Mar 5, 2012

    Killing someone for a lousy $300??? Death penalty is too good for this bunch!! There needs to be something worse for this crew...

  • as400_guru Mar 5, 2012

    sllenterprises, I agree with you that this is not an issue of race. It is an issue of culture. The rap, hip-hop, woman-are-hoes culture is what is causing these issues. I wonder if any of these young men had a father in their life. A father who would smack them when they did wrong and hug and kiss them when they did right.

    Culture, not race, is the villian here.

  • mileage be playing dat Mar 5, 2012

    we's dont be no-ing if dees boys be giilty or nots so peeps should just be keypin dare pinions to deyselfs

  • whatmeworry Mar 5, 2012

    No respect for human life plain an simple. These four hopefully will get the death penalty.I know all four won't once they start snitching on each other. Now they are our burden to care for. What a waste these four are.