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Five people injured in Clayton wreck

Posted January 19, 2010

— An accident in Clayton sent five people to the hospital Monday afternoon.

The state Highway Patrol said a Nissan sedan was turning left off U.S. Highway 70 bypass onto N.C. Highway 42 when the driver of an SUV ran a red light, striking the car.

Paramedics transported Nissan driver James Rusin, 32, of Clayton, his wife, and three children to WakeMed for treatment.

SUV driver Temeila Daniel, 34, of Fuquay-Varina was charged with running a stoplight, troopers said. She was not injured.


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  • flattshack Jan 20, 2010

    I would like to know if this family is okay. I was sitting at the light and saw this accident happen. When our light turned green, i saw the SUV was not stopping, so I didn't go. This family never saw the SUV coming and went. The article in the paper is not accurate. There was not 3 children in the vehicle. There was only 2. One of the little girls names was Kaley. She was seriously injured when I got to her car. The dad (James) was also seriously injured. The car was t-boned mostly on the drivers side door. There was another little girl in the back seat and the mom (her name was Sarah) that didn't appear to be physically injured but were quite shacken up. The mom used my phone to call her family. I have her mothers phone number. I called it yesterday to see if I could get an update on their condition and to let them know that I was praying for them. I got a voicemail and left a message.

  • ladyblue Jan 19, 2010

    Well to each his own I have been in JMH three times on serious issues one breast cancer and I could not ask for a more warming and dependable group of people. I had open heart surgery in Duke and they were fantastic service. It was a nightmare at Rex and half of the staff didn't know what the other half were doing. As I said the nurse who was suppose to give me a shot before discharge left it on the window sill and I remembered after I got home she never gave it to me. Wake med was a good experience except for the nurses grumbling about things going on there. I found the smaller hospitals sometimes are more welcoming in their manners also.

  • ladyblue Jan 19, 2010

    yes ambergail I have been there. I have been to duke, unc, Rex, Wake med and cape fear valley and JMH. I was just in the new one this month and I find the people very well trained in there. At Rex I had a nurse lay the hypodermic needle that was suppose to me for me on the window sill the day of discharge. I never even got the shot. I made the kids get me out of wake med and moved to another from the things I endured there once. I'm saying that all hospitals have short coming sometimes and none is so much more fantastic than the others. I am also saying I have seen fat nurses at all of them listed above so to base a hospital on the size of it's nurses is ridiculous. I live in Clayton and the new hospital is about three miles from my house. It's a small based hospital and not set up for trauma cases. It is new and not gotten completely off on it's feet yet. Doubt the hospital could handle five wreck victims at once. those are usually carried to large trauma hospitals.

  • MileageWarrior Jan 19, 2010

    of course the idiot breaking the law was not injured...

    hope the family that WAS injured makes a speedy and full recovery.

  • cth1 Jan 19, 2010

    Any word on how the family is doing that was hit?? Hope they find the dog too...but, I'd like to hear an update on the family! Hope everyone is okay!!

  • FromClayton Jan 19, 2010

    candle606 - so sorry about the doggie. I'm very worried about him....that is such a busy road!

    Don't forget to check the Johnston County animal shelter as well as the Wake. Technically he should have been taken to the Johnston County shelter, but it could go either way. Also, call the town of clayton...that is out of their jursdiction, but they can put you in touch with johnston county animal controll who would be the person to respond to a loose doggie running around that area.

    Oh I do hope you find him. That worries me.

  • FromClayton Jan 19, 2010

    It's quite obvious you haven't been there. I think the care at new hospital is first rate. Ladybird

    And have you been there? Since I live 10 minutes away and go to a church 3 minutes away I know A LOT of people who have been there. Xrays and Labs seem to be going quite well, and I thank them for that... but big important things not so much.

    PS We are talking about the new one on 42, not the old one in Smithfield. Thats like judging the Duke owned hospital on wake forest road by what Duke in Durham does...totally different place.

  • ladyblue Jan 19, 2010

    Yeah, ummmmm I would still drive to Wake Med if I wrecked in the parking lot of that new hospital.

    I have heard good things about getting in and out fast for xrays and labs, but it is not a trauma center and they already do not have a good track record with the heart attack patients I personally know who have been taken there.

    We just like to waste money in Johnston County. Build huge expensive facilites and then not keep up with thechnology or staff them well while anyone with insurance and the means to do so is going to contuine to go to Raleigh for good care.

    It's quite obvious you haven't been there. I think the care at new hospital is first rate. But it's not a trauma hospital as was mentioned. Aslo I have been in Wake med, Rex and JMH and I don't think any one is any better than the other. Worse service I ever got was rex. Rex gave me two bad experiences while there.

  • NCSUJM Jan 19, 2010

    Candle606: Make sure you call local animal shelters or vets to see if someone took the dog there.

  • fatchanceimwrong Jan 19, 2010

    Any word on what this lady was doing instead of paying attention to driving? Was she talking on the cell, texting?