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Fayetteville man charged in string of hold-ups

Posted December 15, 2011
Updated April 23, 2012

— A Fayetteville man has been charged with robbing nine convenience stores in the past three weeks, police said Thursday.

After Major Mart, at 6295 Yadkin Road, was robbed by a knife-wielding man at about 7:15 a.m. Wednesday, police canvassing the neighborhood received a tip about a suspicious man behind a nearby coffee shop. After a short pursuit on foot, officers apprehended the man and found evidence linking him to the robbery, police said.

Investigators later tied him to eight other hold-ups, as well as the robberies of two convenience store customers, since Nov. 26.

The robberies include the Kangaroo at 6489 Yadkin Road on Nov. 26, the Scotchman at 6508 Yadkin Road on Nov. 27, the Hess-Wilco at 4560 Raeford Road on Nov. 28, the Kangaroo at 100 S. Reilly Road and the Hess-Wilco at 670 Reilly Road on Dec. 8, Cupids Boutique, at 137 N. Reilly Road, on Dec. 10, the Kangaroo at 7910 Raeford Road on Monday and the Kangaroo at 5201 Raeford Road on Wednesday.

Scott Christopher Whitmeyer, 42, of Quimby Court, was charged with 10 counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, three counts of second-degree kidnapping and one count of attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon. He was being held in the Cumberland County jail under a $120,000 secured bond.


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  • scg Apr 23, 2012

    Red Rascal - The reason that the clerk wasn't armed, because he is not part of the trained Law enforcement team. In this modern world (2012) we have social system which helps us create a civilized place to live in. There will be these few incidents, but overall, we live in a much better place then how things were in 100/200 years ago.

    Welcome to 2012.

  • westernwake1 Apr 23, 2012

    It would be interesting to look up the criminal history of this family. I would place bets in Vegas that the members have already been through our revolving door justice system many times.

  • OneLove Apr 23, 2012

    omg, the whole family! dang!

  • hlpulley Dec 19, 2011

    Oh dont be so hard on him, he was just Christmas shop-lifting.

  • fayncmike Dec 15, 2011

    "Why aren't the clerks armed?
    Red Rascal"

    Maybe because we don't want a bunch of dead bystanders?

  • wildcat Dec 15, 2011

    Desperate times will make a person committ crime. But now he faces prison time.

  • hunter38 Dec 15, 2011

    It won't matter some soft hearted judge will feel sorry for him, place him on 5 years probation which he will violate the first 3 months....get arrested again and start the cycle all over. Jail time judges!!!! and lots of it.

  • Decorated War Veteran Dec 15, 2011

    After Major Mart, at 6295 Yadkin Road, was robbed by a knife-wielding man at about 7:15 a.m. Wednesday

    Why aren't the clerks armed? That would have stopped this crime before it happened.

  • pat7 Dec 15, 2011


    I agree no resort , Hard Labor prison , Chain gangs Cleaning highways Shotgun holding guards to secure them ,I cant agree more it seem like criminals have no rights

  • YNCSW51 Dec 15, 2011

    Glad you caught this guy now get him in jail and off the streets causing havac among the citizens of Fayetteville.