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Evicted, Durham man sets fire to former home, then turns self in

Posted August 3, 2014

Johnathan Robert Warda

— A man wanted by Durham police for breaking into an apartment he was evicted from and setting several fires in it turned himself in Saturday night.

Johnathan Robert Warda, 28, is charged with burglary and first-degree arson. He remained in the Durham County jail under a $250,000 bond.

Warda is accused of breaking into his former Chapel Hill Road apartment last week and starting fires that damaged the home but did not spread to neighboring residences, police said.


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  • norainonmyparade Aug 4, 2014

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    Tenant. You'll never learn to spell the word correctly if you aren't corrected.

    I hope it's spelled correctly in the leases you hold.

  • icdumbpeople Aug 4, 2014

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    I am happy to hear you have had very little problems. I have had nightmare stories renting. I won't ever do it again. I would rather pay the mortgage and let it sit before I would rent it again.

  • icdumbpeople Aug 4, 2014

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    But they dont. I rented for a while.. but the way people think that they are owed.... I just cant do it anymore. It will either sell or sit there. Entitled is the word...

  • Jerry Sawyer Aug 4, 2014
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    How does someone like this sleep at night. Entitlement reins. He actually believes he is entitled to everything in life. But his thought process is flawed (as many are). The only way to be "happy" in life is to earn your way through life. Sure wish more people could understand this.

  • Grand Union Aug 4, 2014

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    Funny, as a landlord myself I have had little problems for renters other than their idea of "clean" not being what I or or a new renter would consider "clean".

    Yes you can have problems but given the number of rental units in the US and the number of people that own multiple units, the power of tenents does not seem excessive.
    Perhaps if you were a tenent you might of a different opinion of the relationship......for every bad tenent its a safe bet there is also a bad landlord.

  • landonsgrampa Aug 4, 2014

    So how did that work out for you there Johnny boy?

  • bubbaOK Aug 4, 2014

    Contrary to popular belief?, folks are not rewarded on a sliding scale according to how stupid they act but more likely arrested.

  • icdumbpeople Aug 4, 2014

    Renters are something these days - and unless you burn it down.. the law is on their side. Shame...

  • sinenomine Aug 4, 2014

    Rent on his new "apartment" is low, EUIMPORT1, but he potentially may have a lot longer of a lease than he bargained for.

  • euimport1 Aug 4, 2014

    traded one home for another. rent's lower now. at least for him