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Escaped inmate captured in Anson County

Posted May 11, 2010

— Anson County sheriff's deputies captured an escaped inmate Tuesday when they stopped him driving a stolen car.

Brian Knotts, an inmate at the minimum-security unit at Brown Creek Correctional Institution in Polkton, walked away from a work-release assignment at Pilgrim's Pride chicken processing plant in Marshville Sunday night.

When deputies pulled him over, on Brown Creek Church Road near Wadesboro at about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, he attempted to run. Officers from the Division of Prisons Fugitive Squad used bloodhounds to track him and took him back into custody.

Knotts was serving a minimum sentence of 12 years and 3 months after being convicted as a habitual felon, habitual impaired driver and for driving with a revoked license. He was due for release in January 2011.

Authorities said they think he stole the car from the Pilgrim's Pride parking lot.


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  • knbwz May 11, 2010

    FEAR is something, step out of your comfort zone and then view the world!

  • wildcat May 11, 2010

    Ah! the taste of a little freedom and now back to the dungeon; where he truly belongs. They need to tighten up their so-call security. There was not need for this man to have escape.

  • mikey1146 May 11, 2010

    He'll receive a minimum six months additional time, and he lost work release the day he ran. And sometimes these guys get scared thinking about getting out after having served a long sentence. Think about how much this world has changed in the past 10 years, and we are in it every day, changing right along with it. Inmates aren't experiencing changes in the way the world works like we are. It can be daunting.

  • Ihatexray May 11, 2010

    Wow... Yesterday, I thought this guy must have got himself shot or something. Who would serve over 11 years, and then try to escape with less than a year left? Maybe this guy didn't want to be released. He probably figured if he got caught trying to escape, it would guarantee him a longer sentence. Some of these guys would rather stay in jail andhave their beds and food provided than get out and have to fend for themselves.

  • mochabrown May 11, 2010

    Ya know, these guys are really stupid...just months away from being released and on top of that had work release (making money) and go pull a stunt like this. Now additional time will be added to his sentence, and they should take away his work release privileges. They just don't think.