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Elementary students cut, stabbed; 2 classmates charged

Posted June 3, 2008

— Cumberland County deputies on Wednesday charged two students at Cliffdale Elementary School with injuring fellow students.

An 9-year-old boy stabbed an 8-year-old classmate with a pair of scissors after the younger boy bumped into him, authorities said. The older boy has been suspended from school, officials said.

Paramedics determined the 8-year-old suffered only a red mark on his side during the incident, authorities said.

In a separate incident, a 10-year old boy said he accidentally cut a 10-year old girl with the blade of a pencil sharpener. The girl suffered a 2-inch laceration on her arm.

School officials were handling disciplinary action in the second case.


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  • Scubagirl Jun 5, 2008

    Bring back parental spankings of their children. NOT beatings, spankings. Kids are not taught to respect consequences these days, nor apparently are they taught much respect (not all kids mind you, but many)

  • durhamguy Jun 5, 2008

    Parents either don't take responsibility for raising their children, or Child Protective Services shows up to investigate the ones who are trying, to tell them how they can and can't raise them. School officials/teachers have kids telling them that they can't make them do anything, because they have rights. Kids can walk out of their parent's house at the age of 16 and do anything they want to do, short of a crime. The police then tell the parents that they can't make a 16 year old has rights under the law and they can't make them come back home. At the same time, if this 16 year old "with rights" breaks the law and causes damage, the parents are held responsible. I say blame ourselves for letting our country get in this shape....

  • iron fist Jun 4, 2008


    This is absurd. A kid hit another kid with a pair of scissors. Is it bad? Yes. Send the kid to the office. Call his parents. You don't need to call the police. This is not the same a bringing a knife to school and stabbing someone.
    Send him to the office? For what? Tell him he shouldn't attempt to injure another child with a pair of scissors? Enough pampering of kids. Try a good spanking, it won't hurt them for long. Scissors can and are just as dangerous as a knife. If he was a couple of years older he would have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He should be suspended for the remainder of the school year and next. Something needs to be done about kids assaulting kids with weapons.

  • celong Jun 3, 2008

    I would be interested in knowing how long he was suspended. Did you know if a child is labeled Exceptional Children, and I/m not saying this child is, they cannot be expelled following the same guidlines as children without that designation. Exceptional Child can be everything from learning, physical and my favorite, behavior issues. Public school cannot remove these troubled children that are robbing resources and making your child's learning environment intolerable. No wonder those who can go private or home school, but you folks pay taxes for your child to receive a free education, but alas they did not guarantee SAFETY.

  • Rolling Along Jun 3, 2008

    The problem probably starts with the parents...and I wouldn't hold my breath on waiting for THAT to change!

  • newmommy06 Jun 3, 2008

    I see some of you are not taking this seriously. As a teacher, I see that this is where it starts and if he will stab someone for bumping into him, then he will continue to be a problem. It will just escalate. Parents need to step up and start taking some responsibilty and action.

  • 1Moms_View Jun 3, 2008

    "And this is why teachers can't get anything done in the classroom. They are too busy dealing with behavior issues that should have been fixed at home." toolittletime

    Well said! Sad part of it all is that the statement is so true. When I taught in Cumberland County, we had large plate glass windows at the front of the cafeteria. Twice during my last year there, children were thrown through that glass. We had an 8th grader found dead from multiple gun shot wounds (off site) and I had a 7th grader that was shot in the middle of the night. Even back then, parents made excuses for their children's bad behavior. People need to wake up and start being responsible for their children's discipline. They also need to stop expecting schools to be responsible for teaching children morals and discipline. It has to start at home long before they ever enter school.

  • Only In America Jun 3, 2008

    The bad thing is the teachers/schools can't punishment like the use to. I have had my rear end beat. The sad thing is that parents can spank anymore either. God forbid you leave a mark. Social Services will come get the kids.

  • elfprincess Jun 3, 2008

    Don't know how things are judged in the North Carolina school system but in Georgia, there is a no tolerance system. Have also had a problem with nine little hoodlums who attempted to kill a teacher...came equipped with a knife, rope and duct tape. And these were kids in elementary school. So exactly how do you decide who to call the police to and who should be handled by the parents? Being a police officer's wife, I would love for parents to deal with their kids....apply the golden ruler to the backside...because unfortunately those who feel corporal punishment should not be administered in school are part of the ongoing problem we have now. I remember the days when, God forbid, you were told to stand outside because of bad behaviour. Our vice principal had no sense of humor and a paddle that could straighten out your poor behaviour.

  • OrdinaryCitizen Jun 3, 2008

    Expect much more of this until Parents are held responsible.