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Early voting tops 500,000 in N.C.

Posted October 27, 2010

— The Nov. 2 election is six days away, but more than 541,000 people statewide have already voted, according to figures from the State Board of Elections.

Early voting started on Oct. 14 and runs through 1 p.m. Saturday.

Through Wednesday morning, about 508,000 people had cast ballots at one-stop voting sites across North Carolina. Another 31,000 people have filed absentee ballots, and about 1,600 people voted overseas, including members of the armed forces.

The early voting figures represent about 9 percent of registered voters in North Carolina.

Registered Republicans lead the early voting trend, with 10.5 percent casting ballots. About 9 percent of registered Democrats have already voted, as have 6.3 percent of independents.


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  • therighthasnegativepressure Oct 28, 2010

    I'm just saying...

  • therighthasnegativepressure Oct 28, 2010

    ncouterbanks. It's not Communism. It's called Fascism. Google it. Get it right

  • therighthasnegativepressure Oct 28, 2010

    and lastly - There is only ONE political party I belong to! I am an American! That means I listen to everyone, I am open minded, we compromise! We don't hurl insults or chairs at each other. We don't stand on a woman's neck! I am a 7th generation disabled Naval Veteran. I am sickened by this mess. If we could get people to spend the same amount of time on politics as we do on social networking sites, oh what a Utopian society we would have. Think! Don't give in to fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to the dark ages. That's how it happened before.

  • ncouterbanks69 Oct 28, 2010

    We have to vote to fight communism and the giving away of all the working man's money. Vote early or vote 11/2 just vote.

  • therighthasnegativepressure Oct 28, 2010

    OK RIGHT- why aren't you angry about all the jobs that the GOP wrote legislation allowing them to go overseas 4 tax breaks and shareholder profits, AND Senator Phil Grahams(R-Ret),legislation that allowed Wall street to go nuts! The GOP HOUSE AND SENATE allowed this to happen! They sold us out to big $.

    LEFT - BO and a DNC controlled Congress, both houses, couldn't get anything done. We elected them to clean up this mess. Not a chance, why? Because just like the GOP they are corrupted by power and money too. Corporate $ is handed out on both sides.

    The only thing BOTH parties have done is take MONEY from special interests and corporations. Politics is NOT a sporting event. Both political parties use modern Psych warfare and complex marketing strategies to lie 2 us, and keep us off guard. Most don't realize that the GOP deliberately lost in 06', so they could try to blame the left for the greatest theft in human history. Both Parties did this!I have no idea how 2 fix it

  • therighthasnegativepressure Oct 28, 2010

    Once again, the left and the right go at it. When are all you going to realize this is a deliberate thing that is done 2 all of us? Keep each other @ each others throat's, blaming the other person.

    The average American is ignored by politicians. They only care when they want to lie us into voting for them. Stop blaming each other for political choices. We only have 2! it's deliberate! Does anyone of you think that these sob's think about ANY of us on a daily basis? Don't be fools! The tea party was real, not anymore. How did Sarah Palin go from VP candidate, to the Tea party that supposedly has nothing to do with the GOP? Interesting...

    Pick up a history book! Politicians have been doing this to us, ever since political parties got going . Thomas Jefferson warned us that politics would destroy this nation. well - it has. The simple answer is this. $ is the root of all our problems. Once again Corporate America has gone off the rails. Greed is the issue! Not morality.THEY DON'T CARE!

  • NoObamaCare Oct 28, 2010

    I know I am "READY FOR CHANGE"

  • froggytroat Oct 28, 2010

    Everyone remember that we're one of the top places to live in the US, and we've had Democrats for 20 years in office. We need to keep that and keep the prosperity.

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Oct 28, 2010

    Hoping Nov. 2 will aid in "progressing" those liberals out on their behinds.

  • Proud Black Constitutionalist Oct 28, 2010

    "Repubs will strip your healthcare, send your job overseas, and kick you off unemployment."

    Correction bro, Repubs will strip all them government goodies like, 99 months of unemployment, welfare, food stamps and other gov't goodies that libs use to coax minorities.

    Wednesday morning will be a great time for this proud black conservative bro!