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Durham working with apartment complex to help evicted tenants

Posted October 5, 2012

— City officials said Friday that they are working with a Durham apartment complex to give evicted residents more time to find new places to live.

The nonprofit foundation that owns of Lincoln Apartments, on Lakeland Street near the North Carolina Central University campus, issued eviction notices this week to all residents of the complex.

Deputy City Manager Keith Chadwell said many of the low-income residents are behind on their rent, so the foundation is losing money and cannot afford proper maintenance. A majority of the apartments have minor or major housing code violations because of the delayed repairs, he said.

Durham County officials are coordinated efforts to find other low-income housing for the residents, Chadwell said.


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  • Weetie Oct 8, 2012

    You know, ANYTHING at all rather than take take take take take.

    Actually, storchheim, they do have to do something IF the housing authority enforces HUD rules. Each person who is not elderly, handicapped, disabled, a full time student (several more things apply) must do 8 hours of Community Service each month in order to remain a resident in Public Housing. Not that 8 hours is nearly enough but I'm just saying.

    I totally agree with you. If a person is able to work and won't then, they deserve to be on the street. I have no sympathy for lazy people who take from everyone and expect a handout. Wish our Government felt the same way.

  • piene2 Oct 5, 2012

    Nonprofit foundation? I bet it is some church looking for big buck rents after they fix a few problems. Ther county should tell them that the tenants have at least six months to find new housing.

  • storchheim Oct 5, 2012

    Now ThePoor, the "disenfranchised", the "socioeconomically deprived", can't even find themselves apartments - the govt has to do THAT for them TOO? Is the govt going to arrange rides for them to go preview the apts? Going to pay their first and last for them? Oh wait, they do, and all payments in between!

    How about once, just once, we round up the ones that can work but won't, and make them scrub toilets in govt buildings or something? Just for a DAY? You know, ANYTHING at all rather than take take take take take.

    Honestly, if you can't find another apt when you get a notice, there are people more worthy of help than you.