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Durham police officer's puppy, uniform stolen from home

Posted April 30, 2014
Updated May 4, 2014

Durham Police Department

— Someone broke into a Durham police officer's home Tuesday and stole the officer's puppy, police uniform, Taser, work gear, jewelry and electronic items, police said Wednesday.

Police did not name the officer or say exactly where the break-in happened. The officer's firearm, badge and radio were not taken.

Anyone with information about the stolen items is asked to call Investigator J. Walsh at 919-560-4582, extension 29248, or Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200. Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for information leading to arrests in felony cases and callers never have to identify themselves.

All Durham police employees are required to carry city-issued photo identification. Anyone who is unsure about an officer’s identity should ask to see the officer’s photo identification or call 911 or a police supervisor to verify an officer’s identity.



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  • Pope Yam May 9, 2014
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    Has this dog been found yet?

  • Beth Pearce May 1, 2014
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    I know this is a longshot, but IF THE PERSON WHO TOOK THE PUPPY IS READING THIS, please, please, don't hurt the little guy. He/she is probably traumatized and very frightened. Please don't hurt it. It's an animal and does have feelings and can feel pain.

    I realize someone else said to please just return the puppy to the home, but I won't even say that! As a matter of fact, DON'T return it to it's home! The best thing you can do, is take the puppy to a shelter and even if it is a "kills shelter" at least it can be found!

    The reason for my being against taking it to the home, is because that wouldn't happen! Who, in their right mind, would GO BACK, to a place they broke into, just to return a dog? Not me! LOL!

    Regardless, the most important thing here is the animal. Please do not hurt it. Please do not hurt it!!

  • DURHAMBULL May 1, 2014

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    Just FYI, there are female officers as well.

  • Obamacare returns again May 1, 2014

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    I'm leaning towards this theory as well. The guys will proababkly meet over drinks this weekend and get a good laugh out of this.

  • lec02572 May 1, 2014

    The breaking into homes and stealing people's pets seems to be on the rise.

  • Super Hans May 1, 2014

    Probably just a prank by one of his fellow officers.

  • jay82308 May 1, 2014

    I think by not releasing what area this police officer lived in is doing a disservice to the community. I would assume that this man's home was targeted because he is a police officer, but what if it was coincidence and once the thief saw the uniforms, saw an opportunity? People should be alerted to crimes committed in their neighborhoods whether there is a belief that there is public danger or not.

    I just hope they find this poor puppy that is probably terrified and pray that it doesn't become a victim of abuse. I wish microchips doubled as GPS devices so this puppy could be found and the guy could be caught.

  • geraniumposey May 1, 2014

    Thief: Take the items back--it's not worth going to jail for.
    Just take the puppy and the other things you stole back to the house. The puppy needs his home and owner.
    You don't need another mouth to feed, do you?

  • Forthe Newssite May 1, 2014
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    I sure hope that whomever stole the puppy will care for it and not abuse it or use it in a bad way :(

    I also hope they are quickly caught..

  • Bob Smith Apr 30, 2014
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    It is sad that the good people in Durham who are the majority have to put up with so many criminals. Even a police officer is not safe. I hope there is a good outcome to this, and thank you to WRAL for their help.