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Durham man, 41, killed in Monday night shooting

Posted July 23, 2013

Durham Police

— A 41-year-old man died late Monday after being shot in the 300 block of East Umstead Street, Durham police said. 

Officers responding to the area about 9 p.m. found Travis Knight, of Durham, with multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to Duke Hospital, where he later died. 

Durham police have not made any arrests in the case, and investigators did not release other information about what caused the shooting. 

Anyone with information about the shooting should call Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200. Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for tips that lead to arrests in felony cases and callers never have to identify themselves.


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  • JohnnyVoodoo Jul 23, 2013

    As Dirty Harry would say...no trial, no papers to file.

  • kbrianf Jul 23, 2013

    Read a great quote earlier today from none other than the esteemed Ray Lewis, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens. He said, "Having gone through the things I have been through, what I learned from that is everybody has something they want to say, and 80 percent of them are illiterate."


  • 20K Jul 23, 2013

    Why is the Rev Barber and the NAACP not concerned about all the murders in Durham, Chicago, Detroit and many large cities across the country? We never hear a word from them unless it is a white shooting a black!!! Aren't the black on black murders important to them? Why aren't they trying to get to the root of the problems causing all the murders in the black communities? Their silence tells me that all they care about is keeping the fires of racism burning!!!

  • OneNationUnderGod Jul 23, 2013

    "Wow...pathetic liberals...just can't get over the fact that someone was found not guilty in a bogus trial for a "valid" act of self defense..." -OneNationUnderGod

    I was being sarcastic.

    I thought about that after reading your comment another time or two :) Please accept my apologies.

  • Alexia.1 Jul 23, 2013

    "Wow...pathetic liberals..." --profileOneNationUnderGod

    I am really confused. What is the definition of a liberal and a conservative? From everything I'm reading, they have opposing ideals. Reading comments here and elsewhere, I would be left to believe that a liberal: supports a big welfare system ($$), supports abortion (some tax-payer funded - $), wants a national healthcare plan ($$$), busing students across town because black schools are not good ($), gay marriage, no voter identification requirements, etc. And as I said, a conservative has the opposite view.

    I'll note that conservatives also claim to cut taxes, but it appears conservatives are more for an equal tax (i.e., tax burden for all of those $ items I mentioned are not shifted entirely on the working middle class with higher wages).

    I guess I fall somewhere in the middle, but do wonder if my understanding about this is correct. Can someone enlighten me?

  • Jameson Jul 23, 2013

    "Wow...pathetic liberals...just can't get over the fact that someone was found not guilty in a bogus trial for a "valid" act of self defense..." -OneNationUnderGod

    I was being sarcastic.

  • OneNationUnderGod Jul 23, 2013

    "I would say a gun "caused the shooting""-drjones74

    Yup, the gun woke up, had breakfast and thought to itself that it would venture out and shoot someone that day. It then proceeded to hop in the car and take a drive to go do so right?

  • Jack Flash Jul 23, 2013

    "I would say at least 2 people caused the killing. The gun was the instrument pressed into service involuntarily."

    That sounds like you're blaming the victim.

  • Jameson Jul 23, 2013

    It was probably just yet another case of someone doing neighborhood watch chasing down a poor defenseless person and killing them just like all the other shootings in Durham this year. Something needs to be done about that! Justice!

  • DareToDream Jul 23, 2013

    hmmm... I have my own predictions about the suspect and victim.. wonder if I'm right? I guess only time will tell..