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Dudley man accused of abusing 2-month-old baby

Posted August 24, 2012

— The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday it has arrested a Dudley man accused of abusing and seriously injuring a 2-month-old baby.

James Linwood Montgomery Jr., 22, of 112 Rhodes Drive, was charged with two counts of felony child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury and was held on a $211,000 secured bond.

He is related to the baby, but authorities did not say how.

The baby, whose name and gender were not released, was taken Duplin General Hospital and Pitt Memorial Hospital on July 27 with life-threatening injuries that were consistent with being shaken, according to the sheriff's office.

The baby suffered multiple rib fractures, extensive intracranial injury, subdural hematoma, a broken arm, broken leg and skull fracture. The baby was released from the hospital, "is doing well" and was placed in foster care pending the investigation, according to the sheriff's office.

"The mother of the baby has been a tremendous asset to the investigation and is not considered a suspect," the sheriff's office said in a statement.

Montgomery also had two outstanding warrants for failure to appear in court on traffic violations in Bladen County, authorities said. 


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  • tanyla Aug 29, 2012

    that would be true if they had the right man,not one who was forced into a confession

  • 3TeensGrowinUp2Fast Aug 29, 2012

    There is no punishment harsh enough for a crime such as this.

  • tanyla Aug 28, 2012

    you cant believe evrything that you. none of these allegation about him abusing this baby is true. yes the child had been hurt but not him. the sheriff refused to investigate in the case. the main person who has done this is still free. this man is innocent. and the state of north carolina will have a big law suit on their hands when the guilty party is brought to light. it's a shame that they did this to him and the mother of the child.

  • twilkins9255 Aug 24, 2012

    I don't understand why and how adults can abuse children. People that hurt innocent children are not sick as society would lead you to believe, they are evil. This poor child will probably have permanent damage of some kind that can only be detected later down the road. PersonCountyGirl

  • halfpint1552 Aug 24, 2012

    That poor child...I am just speachless.

  • Pepe Silvia Aug 24, 2012

    crustyhalo, I'm not sure what in my statement you "disagree" with... I simply explained how and why the system works the way it does.

    Your statement "If there where not questions of her ability to protect her child...then the child would be with her." is contrary to what the police say. Yes, a child benefits greatly from their mothers loving touch but as I explained, there are reasons the child was placed into foster care beyond the mother's level of responsibility in the abuse.

  • MonkeyFace Aug 24, 2012

    am confused...if she were such an asset, why is the child in foster care, why is the "mother" not caring and nursing her child back to health ?
    crustyhalo---because of a case like this, they have to PROVE that she didn't take part in what happened. Once they clear her, then she will be able to have the baby back.

  • 42ITUS Aug 24, 2012

    Less than 15 seconds of shaking can cause permanent brain damage or death. In my experience, if the child survives the perpetrator will get two years or less in prison. Or they sit in jail for a year until a plea deal is offered and they get probation with the stipulation that they cannot be around children, including their own, without adult supervision. Only a small percentage of DSS cases make it through adjudication with abuse charges. The definition is pretty narrow and most of the time the parent attorneys stipulate to neglect.

  • storchheim Aug 24, 2012

    Awww, shucks, 0bamacare returns for the umpteenth time. You're kinda cute yourself. I don't subscribe to a set of rules though; the stakes are too high.

    "Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am vast; I contain multitudes." - Whitman, Song of Myself

  • hmmmmm Aug 24, 2012