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Driver charged after high-speed chase in Zebulon

Posted December 1, 2010

— A high-speed chase ended with two Zebulon police cruisers damaged on Wednesday.

Police were chasing a suspect with fake plates and expired tags. The chase started at Old U.S. Highway 264 and North Carolina Highway 39 in Wake County.

At one point, the driver went the wrong way on U.S. 264. Police said the chased reached speeds of 85 mph. 

The suspect finally pulled over and surrendered about 15 miles away from where the chase started, police said.

Two police cruisers sideswiped each other as the chase came to an end in Wilson County.
No one was hurt.

Anthony S. Reid, Jr., 22, was charged with having fictitious, expired tags, driving the wrong way, speeding and felony speeding eluding officer.


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  • Bartmeister Dec 2, 2010

    People don't run just for fictitious tags. There is much more to the story. Quit being so obtuse and try to grasp that, ok? leo-nc

  • commonsensenc Dec 2, 2010

    From someone who rode (always seeing the blue lights on the horizon 1/2 to 1 mile) behind the "chase" driving from Zebulon to Wilson. I never saw anything that concerned me. I was driving 72 MPH in a 70 MPH zone and never lost sight of them unless cresting a hill. I never say anyone on the side of the road having be scared off the road or anything. Even when they stopped and I had to stop there were no issues. Their "chase" was only 15MPH over the speed limit on a road designed for higher speeds and controlled access to local streets and pedestrians. More cars pass me on the belt-line than that every day with out lights and sirens. It could have been downtown through busy areas and past schools. I am sure it would have been evaluated differently if that had been the case.

  • #24WarrensABeast Dec 2, 2010

    Bottom line, if he was a felon or had warrants and such, they would have stated that in the srticle but they did not. Maybe this dude just knew the tags were fake and he didn't want to go down driving the car with them and risk losing his license. I thank God no one was hurt but I have to agree that these chases have to stop at some point. I understand these officers have to do their job, but when he ran that plate he could have ran whomever the name on the plate came back to and if there was nothing, then he should have let it go. Now, on the other hand, had something come back, I think he should have just discreetly followed dude and called for backup and then they run in on dude. And as far as the officer who was shot a few weeks about by the Pennsylvania couple, one thing these officers have to do every day on the job, IS PROCEED WITH CAUTION AND NEVER, EVER LET THEIR GUARDS DOWN! NOT EVER!

  • rdmcswai Dec 2, 2010

    LEO-NC - Your rude comments never cease to amaze me. I would defend myself and my comments, but I have better things to do with my time. You need a lesson in manners, my friend.

  • ASU Dec 2, 2010

    December 2, 2010 12:07 p.m.

    Yes you are correct. However, some of the most dangerous criminals have been caught in minor traffic offenses. The officers didn't know why he was running. If he had outstanding felony warrants they wouldn't know until he is stopped and ID. Then checked into the computer. Its hard to do that when he is running. On Tuesday in Wake County two subjects were chased briefly and they had just do a home invasion in Apex earlier in the morning. They took two guns from the home. What if the Deputy and State Troopers decided not to chase these two guys. Thats two less guns on the streets. Plus they were wanted for several more breaking and entering cases throughout Wake County. Let the Police do their jobs.

  • seankelly15 Dec 2, 2010

    leo-nc - "...I swear, you really need some education." You are hardly in the position to make that statement. The poster is making a comment that is perfectly legitimate. They were chasing someone with fake plates and expired tags - traffic offenses. And, please spare me the argument that there was probably a predicate felony. The chase was started because of a TRAFFIC OFFENSE not because they were wanted for a violent crime.

  • TWM Dec 2, 2010

    So true ech....if he's not already out it's only a matter of time before the judge smacks him on the hand and he's back at it again.

  • dfmjr49 Dec 2, 2010

    our lawmakers should pass a law that anyone running from the cops in a car, truck etc. should be sent to prison for 25 years with no chance for parole. they could kill just as fast as if they shot a gun in a crowd!!

  • ech Dec 2, 2010


  • Journey985 Dec 2, 2010

    "People don't run just for fictitious tags. There is much more to the story. Quit being so obtuse and try to grasp that, ok?"- leo-nc....again, thank you for demostrating that you can not actually make a comment about the story but must continue to ridicule others that post about the actual STORY. Just out of curiousity, how is the SHP doing catching that supposed speeder that caused a SHP cruiser to strike and KILL 3 innocent people?? This reckless disregard for the publics safety has to end.