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Downtown Raleigh post office dropped from closure list

Posted December 7, 2011
Updated December 8, 2011

— The U.S. Postal Service said Wednesday that a historic post office in downtown Raleigh will remain open.

The agency had slated the Century Postal Station, a 134-year-old facility in the restored Federal Building at Fayetteville and Martin streets, to close by March, citing a decline in mail volume handled there.

The Postal Service planned to move the Century office's operations to its facility on New Bern Avenue, but local outcry twice forced officials to re-evaluate the downtown site.

Raleigh officials expanded parking in front of the post office, and the federal bankruptcy court agreed to open the parking lot behind the building from 7 to 9 a.m. on weekdays for bulk mail pick-up.

The Postal Service is looking to close hundreds of facilities nationwide to slash costs and stem its losses, but spokesman Carl Walton said Wednesday that "a discontinuance of Century Station will not be pursued further at this time." He didn't elaborate on the decision.

Mayor Nancy McFarlane credited the efforts of former Mayor Charles Meeker and the Downtown Raleigh Alliance for changing the Postal Service's stance on the Century Station.

"Raleigh appreciates that beautifully designed and built buildings have served us well and represent an investment in our people and their future,” McFarlane said in a statement. “We want these architectural treasures to continue to be part of our daily lives. Raleigh appreciates that a building such as Century Post Office, that has served us daily through world wars, recessions and celebrations is essential to the fabric of who are.”


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  • gunny462 Dec 12, 2011

    "For those who only get their news from talk radio, it is important to note the the post office gets ZERO tax dollars and hasn't for decades"

    "The Postal Service, as it is quick to point out, is legally prohibited from taking tax dollars. But in order to stay afloat, the agency has been actively borrowing from the U.S. Treasury: At last count, according to Postal Service spokeswoman Yvonne Yoerger, it owes the government $10.2 billion"

    "Federal law dictates that the Postal Service can borrow up to $3 billion per year - but the debt cannot grow beyond $15 billion. That means that while the agency, which had revenues of $68.1 billion last year, could potentially borrow another $3 billion in 2010, it will soon no longer be able to legally borrow billions from the government"

    "Meanwhile, the Postal Service is estimating that without significant changes, it will lose another $7.8 billion in the coming year"


  • dwntwnboy Dec 8, 2011

    Wonderful news- needed to go buy stamps today anyhow!!

  • #24WarrensABeast Dec 8, 2011

    Thank you Lord! I work in downtown Raleigh and I'd rather do things the old fashioned way! Drop my mail off in the box at the Post Office! I wouldn't mind dropping my mail in the town I live in but the post office closes at 4:30pm and I wouldn't making leaving downtown Raleigh to get to my town.

    This is awesome news!

  • bill0 Dec 8, 2011

    "Well now...THERE is a really good argument to keep bailing out the USPS with tax dollars...!!!!"

    For those who only get their news from talk radio, it is important to note the the post office gets ZERO tax dollars and hasn't for decades.

    However, it is stuff like this that makes it hard for USPS to stay afloat. They made a business decision to close the post office and were overruled by politicians objecting. You can't have it both ways. Either the USPS should be expected to pay for itself OR it should be expected to be a public service. If you want it keep unprofitable locations open to help older and poor clients, then you can't expect it to make money.

  • Mean Old Mom Dec 7, 2011

    Has anyone else noticed how little mail they have received these past few days, or is it just me?

    Makes me wonder if a silent protest is going on or if some postal carrier is dumping loads of mail in a hole in their backyard somewhere.

  • tierneemalinadeveaux Dec 7, 2011

    If people want to walk to the post office or the grocery store, then they should move to where the post offices and grocery stores are located! That is an absolutely ridiculous reason to keep costing taxpayers for something as obsolete as the post office. Who uses them? The only thing that comes in my mailbox anymore is junk mail. Everyone I know pays their bills online. Banking is so much more convenient on the internet. E-cards are pretty popular now too! I would not mind one bit if the post office closed. Let UPS have all their business. The people at UPS are a whole lot friendlier, and it doesn't take six months to receive something from them.

  • meeper Dec 7, 2011

    It should be closed along with the entire Postal Service. Let's give Fed-Ex, Ups the business. It would improve service and show a profit. The government bankrupts everything it touches. Check the history.

  • Pepe Silvia Dec 7, 2011

    Simple concept, if the city of Raleigh wants to bring more businesses into downtown then they need to have a large post office with in easy reach.

  • SmokeWagon Dec 7, 2011

    ..."It's bad enough that people can't walk to a grocery store that live in downtown. And then you want to take away another useful thing that is already there?..."

    Well now...THERE is a really good argument to keep bailing out the USPS with tax dollars...!!!!

  • mep Dec 7, 2011

    Downtown Raleigh post office dropped from closure list... costing taxpayers.... Apparently the USPS annual billion dollar losses added to our $15 trillion in debt is not such a big deal after all. Just keep telling yourself... debt is not bad, and ignore what is happening in Europe.