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Disaster-Related Fraud Low in Colorado

Posted March 26, 2014

After devastating floods, Colorado had to brace itself for recovery and a busy year for Denver remodeling companies, but there was a hidden menace the state had to prepare for: fraud. In the wake of natural disasters, unscrupulous individuals who prey on victims, set up false relief funds, or target assistance programs for fraudulent activity tend to run rampant, delaying legitimate claims and making things more frustrating for people who need help.

However, the state is reporting a relatively low level of fraud so far, and it credits the lessons learned from other states. It created and promoted centralized sources of information including a licensed contractor database, a government-run site with information about how to help and how to get help, and a list of registered charities. Making all this information readily available helped victims avoid scams, and made it more difficult for fraudsters to slip in. Hopefully other states will take note and follow suit in future emergency situations!

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