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Delivery driver charged in Cumberland shooting

Posted March 14, 2014

Gates Four community in Cumberland County

— A delivery driver was charged Friday in connection with a Monday night shooting at a country club development in Cumberland County, authorities said.

Gerald Hinton Lord, 48, of Cinnamon Creek Circle in Fayetteville, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, assault by pointing a gun and trespassing.

Investigators said Lord was delivering a carry-out order for GoWaiter.com when he pulled into the wrong driveway in the Gates Four community, and Thomas Earl Jacobs, 18, asked him to get off of his property. The men exchanged words before Lord drove away, but he later returned, and the pair began scuffling in Jacobs' front yard.

Authorities said the shouting match between the men might have included some racial slurs. Lord is black, and Jacobs is white.

Lord, who worked five months last year as a detention officer at the Cumberland County Detention Center, then pulled out a gun, and the two started wrestling, authorities said. Jacobs then body-slammed Lord, and the gun went off when he hit the ground.

Lord was shot in the arm, while Jacobs was grazed in the neck. Authorities haven't determined if a bullet hit Jacobs or the hot barrel of the gun touched his neck.

Lord was still at Womack Army Medical Center on Friday, and authorities said he would be arrested upon his release.


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  • dwr1964 Mar 17, 2014

    A smile begets a smile. A frown begets a frown. I understand that this driver pulled into the wrong place, and I understand that the driver returned to negatively confront the homeowner. That said, had the homeowner only smiled instead of getting mad, neither would be in this situation. If only the world lived by the phrase "pay it forward".

  • Lightfoot3 Mar 14, 2014

    "Gerald Hinton Lord, 48, of Cinnamon Creek Circle in Fayetteville, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, assault by pointing a gun and trespassing" - article

    Holy blatantly obvious Batman!

    "I'm glad that someone finally listened to me." - ncprr1

    Me too! :) I sounds like their police force needs some training though.

  • ncprr1 Mar 14, 2014

    I'm glad that someone finally listened to me.

  • outdoor592000 Mar 14, 2014

    What a shame this turned out this way. Why didn't Jacobs just simply help the guy find the right address, and Lords, obviously went overboard coming back. Two men who could have possibly been kind and helping to each other, end up in this situation. Sad way for grown men to think.

  • Greg Boop Mar 14, 2014
    user avatar

    The driver returned to the property to deliberately escalate the confrontation and then assaulted & pulled a gun on the legal resident and pulled the trigger. I think this delivery driver is going to locked in jail for a long sentence.

    The reality is that the driver is lucky to be alive. At most residences in Cumberland County the homeowner would pull out a gun and legally shoot him dead under the state Castle Law the minute he returned to the property to deliberately confront the homeowner.

  • Forthe Newssite Mar 14, 2014
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    driver should not have returned

  • Rebelyell55 Mar 14, 2014

    Didn't think this would go to long without some charges.