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Death row inmate dies of natural causes

Posted October 8, 2008

— A man who spent two decades on North Carolina's death row died Wednesday morning of natural causes, a state Department of Correction spokesman said.

Leroy McNeil, 68, was convicted in Wake County for the April 1983 murders of Deborah Jean Fore and Elizabeth Faye Stallings.

The U.S. Supreme Court remanded his case for reconsideration in 1990. In 1996, another jury again sentenced McNeil to death for each of the two murders.


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  • Smorgas_Of_Borg Oct 9, 2008

    And the death penalty supporters said, "Oh, Snap!"


    Because one of them didn't get to push the button?

    Because his death certificate will now list 'cause of death' as 'natural causes' instead of "homicide"? (note: all executed criminals have cause of death listed as 'homicide' on the death certificate)

    He's dead. He's in God's hands now. Let it go. It's over. The End. Turn the page.

  • beachboater Oct 9, 2008

    He plead guilty, was found guilty, and still never was executed. Don't forget that he was also guilty of a THIRD murder that he wasn't tried for after conviction of the first 2.

    The system is obviously broke. So many with his background of a poor upbringing fully expect to die on the streets or go to prison. But if you were to go back to the days of old, and have a hanging or a guilotine on the town square, that might just have some impact on others.

    Hey, I don't want my head rolling down the steps. That might get someone's attention.

  • edie.warren Oct 9, 2008

    HE PLED GUILTY!! What was the purpose of keeping him alive so long? Instead of paying the ultimate penalty for his actions....he gets to die peacefully? His victims didn't get that chance. Our judicial system is sooo screwed up. If they plead guilty (or found absolutely guilty)...pull the switch that same day...that simple. That would save everybody a whole lot of heartache.

  • SweetB Oct 9, 2008

    amen "theking95"; if you read about the hideous crime then you will see the wastefulness of him being in prison so long.

  • ridgerunner Oct 9, 2008

    I think we need to return to hanging or a firing squad. That would ene this stupid Doctor mess once and for all. Or why can we not get a Doc from Virginia or South Carolina who would not have to fear the stupid people on the NC medical board. This guy commited 2 murders, got 2 trials, guilty both times and dies of old age! What a joke our judical system has gotten to be.

  • the EX Oct 9, 2008

    Wonder how much it cost the NC taxpayers to keep him alive all those years? The justice system overall is a joke.

  • 42ITUS Oct 9, 2008

    Contrary to an earlier post, death row inmates have escaped before. Six death row inmates walked out of Mecklenburg Correctional Center in Boyton, VA @1984. The group included the infamous Briley brothers who were on the loose for many months before recapture and eventual execution.

  • Dayum Sessy Oct 9, 2008

    " There is no such thing as victims rights anymore. "


    Its a shame.

  • Trivr Oct 9, 2008

    Apparently God got a little impatient too for justice to be served and took matters into his own hands.

  • Southern Country Oct 9, 2008

    Spooner - Why wait 10 years? If a person is tried and convicted without a shadow of doubt that they committed the crime and are sentenced to Death Row then carry out the sentence in short order. IMO, in the next few days following the sentencing. Not trying to sound harsh, but the sentences they placed on their victims were carried out without delay; so "JUST DO IT". If our judicial system would take this approach then some folks would think twice before committing crimes. At this point; criminals have no accountability and they have all the rights. There is no such thing as victims rights anymore.