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Corrections Officer Faces Kidnapping Charges

Posted July 6, 2007

— A Goldsboro corrections officer faces kidnapping charges after a confrontation with his ex-fiancee, said the Johnston County Sheriff's Office.

Stephen Mark Holt, 32, is charged with second-degree kidnapping and a felony assault, said deputies.

A confrontation developed when the alleged female victim, 31, went to Holt's home in Princeton Thursday night, officials said. She wanted to retrieve some personal items after the recent end to their engagement, according to sheriff's deputies.

The woman claimed that Holt knocked her down, choked her and held her against her will until she managed to escape.

The Goldsboro Department of Corrections said it is conducting a separate investigation of the incident. Holt has been assigned to administrative duty, corrections department officials said.

The Johnston County Sheriff's Office said Holt has been released on bond.


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  • NCTeacher Jul 7, 2007

    BIlzac- If you see this, would you mind please emailing me. I would love to know who you are.

  • NCTeacher Jul 7, 2007

    I am 100% certain in this case that this story is true. The woman in question is not a correctional officer- another article said she worked for the school system.

    This is my exhusband. Notice I said ex- I was lucky enough to get away and too stupid to press charges. I was just glad to be out of the situation. I got the Ex Parte Protection Order and the divorce several years ago. I was also lucky enough to meet a wonderful man who protects me instead of controls me and hits me.

    It is sad that "wolf" has been cried so many times that we doubt a woman's word about this kind of thing.

  • none123 Jul 7, 2007

    bones. If anyone knows that its me. I was a c/o at Central prior to becoming a cop. There is a difference between looking like a thug and having a commanding presence. Maybe thug was not the proper term to describe how this person looks. Maybe wierdo is better suited.

  • mercer88 Jul 7, 2007

    call al or jesse,,,,,,,

  • strolling bones Jul 7, 2007

    Pst thugs....its normally not a good thing for co to look like a wimp....they need to look "thugish" as you call it...I do not see that...but moving on...a co needs to command a lot of respect and be seen as someone not easy to push over etc.

  • none123 Jul 7, 2007

    Ballsac. I will agree with you. He looks thugish. A little crazy.

  • BIlzac Jul 7, 2007

    What in the world is wrong with some of you people?? Is it because this is a fairly sane looking white male who happens to work for the corrections department that makes so many of you automatically believe that the woman in this case is lying or out to get the guy? Information from other stories indicates that Mr. Holt is charged with felonious strangulation, which means he attempted to strangle the woman. These charges would not have been made without some physical evidence that an attempt to do just that had been made. I have also been informed that this "civil servant" has had issues in a previous relationship. It absolutely shocks me that so many of you are quick to come to his defense, or assume that the woman is out to get him for some reason. Wow, talk about perpetuating stereotypes...

  • tobias Jul 7, 2007

    This may very well be a case of an ex-fiancee getting the law to give her ex a thumping and to make him lose his livelihood. Lots of vindictive women love to use the law to fight their battles. I was in law enforcement for many years and we saw it regularly. It is a sad but true fact that anybody can swear to anything and ruin somebody's life and reputation.

  • ladyblue Jul 6, 2007

    I'm glad this case is being re investigated. I can't see kidnapping charges out of this story. This is a he-she said . I'd have to see how bad she looked to see if he hurt her that badly. Sometimes one can do this to make it bad for officers.

  • diwanicki Jul 6, 2007

    screename- I hear ya