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Clayton police: Drunken driver caused wreck

Posted September 4, 2008

— A drunken driver caused a wreck on Highway 70 Wednesday night, injuring several people, according to Clayton police.

Francisco Nava-Mendosa, 35, of Raleigh, rear-ended a car with his pickup truck, police said. His truck overturned.

Nava-Mendosa had a passenger in the truck with him. The car he is accused of hitting had two people inside, police said.

All four people were taken to WakeMed and were expected to survive.

Police charged Nava-Mendosa with DWI, no operator’s license, failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision and possession of an open container.


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  • johnny2times Sep 4, 2008

    Yet again....

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Sep 4, 2008

    Until today, I thought people were being righteous snobs and didn't like "illegals" because they broke a law. (gasp!) I assumed that if the person paid a fine (it's just a misdemeanor like speeding) or the law was changed to allow them to become legal, then they'd be welcomed...'cuz they'd be completely legal.

    But from some of the comments (Z man & Rolling Along), I'm hearing that some don't want "their kind" here at all...legal or not. ?!

    If that's the case, it would make it easier to ignore the people pushing these "illegal immigrant" initiatives, 'cuz we can just write them off as bigots who "don't want no one else in MY country...no matter whut."

    Laws are just groups of words that humans assembled and then enforce. We can easily, and quickly, remove or change a law and then everyone becomes legal...like raising the speed limit to 70MPH. Should we continue to take licenses from those who drove 70 before it was legal even if they paid the fine?

  • Tracey1229 Sep 4, 2008

    it does not say anywhere in there that he is illegal. i'm sure some of you know people that do not have an operating license. i'm not saying he's definitely not illegal, but come on. innocent until proven guilty, right? heard of it?

  • ifcdirector Sep 4, 2008

    "It's time for a change from Dole to someone who cares and doesn't take all the large sums of money from Lobbyist like she does."

    Obviously either you are hugely ignorant of Senator Dole's voting record or blind from some partisan attachment to someone with zero record of action against illegal aliens in this state. I think having a democrat controlled congress that does nothing but bend over backwards to accomodate illegals is more the problem than anything you can fantasize about but being a liberal is really all about fantasy now isn't it?

  • Blueboxinggloves Sep 4, 2008

    I tried posting this earlier but it was denied for some reason. I'll try again. "Where are all the Latino advocacy groups now" you ask? These are NOT my words, this comes from an article posted on WRAL some time ago. "El Pueblo believes one of the issues that leads to high drunken driving rates among Latinos is that many come to North Carolina alone and have no family support system." I'm sure their excuses are unchanged.

  • thnbluln Sep 4, 2008

    Hmmm can we say...FTA.....I would place money on it. Oh but if he does appear the defense will claim he had a "clean" driving record until then. Obviously, bc he was NOL!!! Hope all innocent parties are ok. Way to go CPD.

  • Rolling Along Sep 4, 2008

    Z Man...they can document all they want...as long as the documentation proves they have been removed from the US!

  • Z Man Sep 4, 2008

    Bev Purdue said in her debate (if you can call it that) with McCrory that we got to 'get illegals documented'!

    Earth to Bev - that's not what the NC taxpayers are looking to our governor to accomplish! We want 'em gone, not documented.

  • fyiarp Sep 4, 2008

    How convenient he had no license. If he's legal, have him prove it.

  • jackadoo Sep 4, 2008

    what a surprise...not to anyone who follows the news. If he makes bail, think he will show up in court ??