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Clayton lawyer disbarred, charged with embezzlement

Posted January 11, 2012

— A Clayton attorney has been disbarred and indicted on charges of stealing more than $1.1 million from her clients.

A Johnston County grand jury indicted Jennifer Green-Lee on Monday with 13 counts of embezzlement.

According to the indictments, she took the money from 10 clients between last March and May. Some of the clients are real estate developers and construction companies, while others are individuals.

Green-Lee couldn't be reached Wednesday for comment.

According to the North Carolina State Bar, she surrendered her law license after acknowledging that she had misappropriated client funds and was disbarred.


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  • Its the who what Jan 13, 2012

    Her crime has victims just like drug crimes. Again, lock her up and throw away the key. A kick in the keister and a hit in the wallet are the same thing to me. What if she took money that someone need to pay their mortgage. She is a disgrace to attorneys and they should get double the punishment because she KNEW better. She is no better than a criminal on the street.

  • FE Jan 12, 2012

    Must be a very slow news day.

    This is hardly "breaking news" as the attorney had a court hearing ( when she acknowledged her guilt ) and was immediately disbarred in August of 2011.

  • dollibug Jan 12, 2012

    Here is hoping that all of the attorneys who screw people over....get what they have coming to them.....I am sure she is just the "tip of the iceberg".....kinda like the politicians and law enforcement....they think that they are above the law....and can get by with doing such as this...and the sad part....is a lot of them do just that....

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Jan 12, 2012

    If only Mike Easley would have been measured with the same yardstick. See the difference between justice being served and justice being mocked in this state?

  • hunter38 Jan 12, 2012

    Again, where are the bashers that enjoy commenting only when Law Enforcement Officers mess up??

    Agreed...everyone seems to hate the police...that is until they need them. But when lawyers and politicians do wrong...its no big deal.

  • lollipop2 Jan 12, 2012

    How about HARD LABOR with a high percentage of her earnings repaying her clients?

  • ryderservices Jan 12, 2012

    Willing to bet clients owed her money....did'nt pay....she pulled from her Trust Acct too pay other client obligations and the race was on

  • Iworkforaliving Jan 12, 2012

    btw, those of you who think lawyers get a bad rap, are most likely married to one.

  • Iworkforaliving Jan 12, 2012

    strange. I thought that stealing peoples money was standard operating procedure for lawyers?

  • Obscurite Jan 12, 2012

    "Lawyers get a bad rap....because of people like her. One bad apple spoils the bunch." not my real name

    lol...I am sure that there's more than one bad apple in that bunch...