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Clayton bypass wreck kills one

Posted October 5, 2011

— A pickup truck crashed into the rear of a tractor-trailer along U.S. Highway 70 Bypass in Clayton early Wednesday, killing one person, state troopers said.

The pickup truck driver died in the early-morning wreck in the westbound lanes of U.S. 70 Bypass, near Exit 323 to Ranch Road. The tractor-trailer driver was not injured.

More details, including the deceased's identity, haven't been released.

The right lane of U.S. 70 Bypass and the exit ramp to Ranch Road were closed until around 9 a.m.


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  • mpheels Oct 5, 2011

    redraleighwolf - other news sources have reported that the semi was traveling up hill at 50 mph. The Highway Patrol said they think the driver of the pick up fell asleep.

  • redraleighwolf Oct 5, 2011

    was the tractor-trailer sitting still? on the side of the road? was it a breakdown? or just stopped on the shoulder? nothing mentioned on this angle. truckers need to get their rigs off the highway shoulder if they are not broke down. this should be a federal law.

  • klp Oct 5, 2011

    Personally, I think the DOT should reconsider making the HWY 70 speed limit jump to 70 mph. I believe it is just way too fast for all the people that travel on that hwy. A lot of elderly people use hwy 70 to travel, and and I think with the mixture of the elderly, the young, and just any age really, there are goign to be more accidents and deaths than this county is ready for. There are some people that just do not want to drive the 70 mph speed limit on that bypass. And now they're wanting to do it all the way to the beach?!? Just makes NO sense to me....

  • Greyhound_Girl Oct 5, 2011

    "Did the new traffic pattern with the lane closure contribute in any way? Is this the same area?" -- no

    The wreck was probably 4 or 5 miles from the new traffic pattern.

  • Love my boys Oct 5, 2011

    Everyone should pay attention, no matter what you're driving. Prayers to all involved.

  • JoCoGrl Oct 5, 2011

    "Did the new traffic pattern with the lane closure contribute in any way? Is this the same area"


  • dgcreech Oct 5, 2011

    Another local news station has posted information. Some details won't be mentioned here since this is a tragic situation... Semi was traveling uphill at approximately 50mph while the pickup rearended him at a rate of approximately 70mph. It says that it happened just before 5am. It is still a sad and tragic situation, but again - it goes to show that everyone (even early in the morning) needs to slow down, and pay attention. Maybe grab an extra cup of coffee before leaving in the morning.

    Prayers for the family of the gentleman in the pickup.

  • whistler411 Oct 5, 2011

    Did the new traffic pattern with the lane closure contribute in any way? Is this the same area?

  • umop apisdn Oct 5, 2011

    Someone died today, it's tragic. Can't we express sympathy and leave the petty arguments out of it.

  • ussenterp65 Oct 5, 2011

    statistcs prove that when a tractor-trailer and a car get into a accident that its the CAR DRIVERS FAULT like 75% of the time not the tractor-trailer.