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Cary to target aggressive drivers

Posted June 25, 2008

— Police will conduct the quarterly "Operation Patient Payoff" to crack down on aggressive driving on N.C. Highway 55 near Catlin Road Friday evening.

Uniformed officers in their assigned police cruisers, unmarked cars and motorcycles will be stationed along the highway and will use radar and laser-detection technologies to identify aggressive drivers.

“The safety and well-being of all of our citizens is of the utmost importance to the Cary Police Department. Because the N.C. 55 corridor has been the site of many property damage crashes involving cars traveling at unsafe speeds or following too closely, we’ve chosen to monitor this area to remind motorists of the need to drive at a safe speed and following distance,” Lt. Mark Parker said in a statement.

In March, police issued 14 citations for speeding on N.C. 55. Last September, another 29 citations for speeding and other offenses were issued on the highway.

To further decrease the number of aggressive drivers, Cary has established a “Road Watch” hotline at 919-319-4521 for people to report aggressive driving. If numerous complaints are received for a particular area, police said they would increase visibility on the street through patrols, radar trailers and speed sentries that display speeds to oncoming drivers.


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  • Ladybug Jun 25, 2008

    Cary needs to pay closer attention to other busy roads that narrow down from 4 lanes to 2 such as Kildaire Farm at Lochmere and Holly Springs Rd at the Colonial Baptist Church. People race in the right lane to get in front of the ones that are in the "go straight" left lane. I'm really surprised someone hasn't been killed in these two stretches of roadways.

    The others make some good argument too - give people tickets that get in the passing lane and go below the speed limit.

  • weasleyes Jun 25, 2008

    All US and Canadian cities in which I have been are all just "little boys" compared to L.A.

  • bs101fly Jun 25, 2008

    how about they target the old folks that should've turned in their license years ago!!!

    how about they target the bikers who have NO business riding in the middle of the road!!!!

    And you think it's our fault when we hit either?


  • batcave Jun 25, 2008

    worst drivers rhode islanders virtually clueless, followed by Mass Zoo Jersey and New York, north east and mid atlantic worst, fla also

  • catalyst74 Jun 25, 2008

    bigredtruckman - I could not have stated it any better myself!

  • WilloWSnapper Jun 25, 2008

    thanks cary BUT darn do you have to post what you are doing ? you can catch more speeders if YOU dont tell themh

  • Vincenzo R. Abacus Jun 25, 2008

    @Slip Kid

    No, they consider it a requirement for the issuance of a North Carolina driver's license ;)

  • Slip Kid Jun 25, 2008

    Do they consider driving too slow in the left lanes and not using turn signals as 'aggressive'?! lol

  • WRAL is joe_dirt Jun 25, 2008

    Thanks for the heads-up WRAL. I'll put off driving through the Buckeye town like a rabid yankee on vacation until next month.

  • wonderif Jun 25, 2008

    how about on the highways????