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Cary reports surge in home break-ins

Posted July 19, 2013

— Cary town officials are cautioning residents to be vigilant about suspicious activity after 31 residential break-ins were reported in the past month.

Cary police said Friday the crimes occurred in all areas of town between June 16 and July 16 and helped push the total number of burglaries up by 14 percent over last year.

Most of the break-ins happened during the day, although a few have taken place while residents were home. No one has been hurt. Thieves have stolen jewelry, cash, video games and electronics.

"Just to have so many so fast, to average one a day over the last 30 days, is abnormal for us," Cary police Capt. Don Hamilton said.

He said investigators believe some of the break-ins are connected, and there may be more than one thief or group of thieves at work.

"We think in a lot of these places, they are - for lack of a better word - casing the places they're breaking into," Hamilton said.

Homeowner Randy Waite lives across the street from a home that was burglarized and said the crime has made neighbors more aware.

"It's put us a little more on alert to watch the neighborhood, watching for people coming and going," he said. "Having a nice, big dog that makes a lot of noise certainly helps."

Police advise people to report unfamiliar vehicles and pedestrians, make sure all doors and windows are locked, install motion-sensitive or timed lights, hide valuables from street view and post warning signs if the home has an alarm system.

Neighbors are also encouraged to form a block party or neighborhood watch as part of the Aug. 6 National Night Out, a celebration of crime prevention.

The town offers a free home safety inspection for residents. A police officer will evaluate a home’s security and offer low-cost suggestions for improvement.

For more information, call Cary police at 919-469-4324 or 919-469-4012.


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  • Stickman Jul 25, 2013

    i would say there are over 3,000 jobs in the triangle that are viable full time options, and those jobs cover a large variety of titles.

    Oh really, care to post them?

  • Lightfoot3 Jul 24, 2013

    A "Neighborhood Watch" sign recently went up at the entrance to my neighborhood. Not sure who exactly is doing the watching, as we haven't been contacted by any neighbors about it nor do we know who put it up.

  • Mo Blues Jul 23, 2013

    Who says people in Cary are all rich and no one has guns?


    ..and the tired, old cliche's and snarks about the town are old news. You're not even clever anymore.

  • james27613 Jul 22, 2013

    Zimmerman was not 'on watch', he was going out to buy groceries.

    If he observed a 17 yr old female, would he have followed her as he did Martin? Any teen being followed by a man not known to them would be on high alert.

    Mr. Zimmerman has said that he was driving to buy groceries that night when saw Mr. Martin, an unfamiliar face walking in the rain inside the complex with his hoodie up. He grew suspicious and called the nonemergency line to make a report. He has said that he got out of his car after losing sight of Mr. Martin.

  • GravyPig Jul 22, 2013

    "LOL police are urging to form neighborhood watches." - tray cee

    Not sure why this is funny. Neighborhood watches are an important part of taking care of your community. You do realize that as a member of the community that you shoulder some of the responsibility of keeping it in good shape. That includes participating in a neighborhood watch or being watchful for possible problems.

    Keeping your community safe is everyones responsibility, the police are there to provide the enforcement that the average citizen cannot. It sounds like you expect the PD to take care of all your problems, how dare they ask you to be active in your community.

  • GravyPig Jul 22, 2013

    "With the way the media treated the Zimmerman case, why would anyone want to report anything suspicious to police? If they say someone looks suspicious, they'll be accused of racism." - saturn5

    What you say makes little sense. What bearing does the media have on you reporting suspicious activity? You can call the PD and report any activity you want (suspicious or otherwise).

    However, if you choose to take it upon yourself to inject yourself into the situation and try to play the part of the PD you might end up with more problems than you want. But then again, this would have nothing to do with the media and their reporting skills and everything to do with your own poor decision making skills.

    Or you could simply not make such ridiculous statements about being called a racist for reporting suspicious behavior. C'mon man use some common sense. If you see someone who is out of place or looks like they are up to no good, pick up the phone and call.

  • JustAName Jul 22, 2013

    The Cary Police Crime Data site shows that they are happening all over Cary. I guess if you go into the detail, might see that places are hit in groups in the same day or next day. This happened at this time last year as well.

    Gang activity that nobody wants to admit is happening in the Triangle.

  • 1066hardrada Jul 19, 2013

    Listen you clown, Martin was not acting suspiciously - that was ONLY Zimmerman's perception. And as for the Zimmerman, he is alive... the same cannot be said for the victim of Zimmerman's vigilantism. -seankelly15

    Listen, Zimmerman followed everyone around. He was on neighborhood watch. On watch, you don't just unfold a lawnchair and sit at one street corner. That wouldn't be watching much. It sounds a little creepy, but, most of the guys on watch are bored, and when they see someone, they follow them at a distance. Walking my dog, I've followed sketchers at a distance, on rare occasions. My wife who is a native chapel hill liberal calls me up from the shop when she sees someone suspicious (we and our neighbors have been broken into). So what. You can watch people.......... Of all the guys Zimmerman followed, Trayvon was the only one to run out of eyesight, then circle around and attack Zimmerman and smash his head into the ground. Apache attack.

  • liberalmindset Jul 19, 2013

    sunshine-how do you know none of them had an alarm system? might want to know the facts before you start assuming...an alarm system will not deter all criminals because if they know nobody is home, it will take at least a few minutes for the police to get there and thats enough time to get away

  • golorealist Jul 19, 2013

    "Even part time? Not being a tool just asking." - Django99

    1,100 permanent, full time jobs. there is another 1,000 temp to perm jobs that are primarily full time. 1,000 temporary jobs, and 1,000 part time jobs. i can possibly understand the argument against a part time job if you need full time. but, a temp to perm or a temp is better than a ue check and will probably do more for you in your job search than just sitting at home collecting a check. with this in mind, i would say there are over 3,000 jobs in the triangle that are viable full time options, and those jobs cover a large variety of titles.