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Cary man injured in mo-ped wreck

Posted October 7, 2009

— A Cary man was injured early Wednesday after he wrecked his mo-ped on Tryon Road near Dillard Drive in Raleigh, according to troopers.

Carl Richardson, 33, was driving through a road construction zone, which had uneven pavement, authorities said. He crashed while merging to another lane, which dipped down 3 to 4 inches, authorities said.

He lost control of the mo-ped, which slid on its side, and his helmet came off, troopers said.

Richardson was taken to WakeMed. Doctors said he is going to survive, but he has a long recovery ahead of him, according to authorities.


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  • MadderMan Oct 7, 2009

    It doesn't take a lot of speed to crash and burn on two wheels. A four inch dropoff would definately cause it if you weren't prepared for it. Let's hope Mr. Richardson is going to be OK, and not attack him without even knowing anything about him. People are too quick to put blame without even knowing all the facts. MANY people ride mopeds these days due to gas prices. However, there are also many who ride because a license is not required. We do not know his circumstances, so let's keep our mouths shut and just worry about him getting well for now.
    And to the writer of this story, how about looking up the word Moped in the dictionary. I have never seen so many people writing 'professionally' who need to go back to english class. There is no hyphen in the word, dude or dudess, whichever you are. They do actually make spelling checkers for computers these days.

  • Kimbby Oct 7, 2009

    wow, and not one comment has said, "i hope he's alright". they're all "smart" comments.

  • 5-113 FA Retired Oct 7, 2009

    You don't even need a pulse to ride one of these things on city streets.

  • MileageWarrior Oct 7, 2009

    jeez, i hope this isnt the same carl richardson i know. :(

    we are seeing more and more of these mo-ped accidents these days. when will the big uprising to ban them from the roads like we see against cyclists going to start?

  • meh2 Oct 7, 2009

    He probably didn't buckle his helmet.

  • mwerevu2002 Oct 7, 2009

    how fast was he going?