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Cary man facing child abuse charges

Posted July 21, 2010
Updated July 22, 2010

— A Cary man is accused of physically abusing a 6-week-old girl.

Nathan Roy Webb, 27, of 1212 Old Apex Road, was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony child abuse. He was being held Wednesday in the Wake County jail under $500,000 bond.

According to an arrest warrant, the child suffered multiple fractures, including a broken leg.

The alleged offense occurred between May 15 and June 1.

In a domestic violence protective order obtained against Webb on June 10, Heather Upchurch accused him of breaking through a locked door and threatening her over the child. She said she noticed something was wrong with the baby on June 1, and emergency room physicians determined the child had a broken leg and other bone fractures, according to court documents.


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  • ibeeteri28326 Jul 22, 2010

    Man or woman - if ya don't want kids - get yourself fixed!!!

  • nano Jul 22, 2010

    I agree w/ Mochabrown. (Are people just getting more crazy or have they always been this way?)

  • bfritz Jul 22, 2010

    I am really glad that I don't understand how a person can do this.

  • EricaSliver Jul 22, 2010

    6 weeks old??? What in the world would ever prompt anyone to purposefully harm an infant?!?! I hope the poor baby is ok, recovers fully and never has to be around such evil again.

  • Mugu Jul 22, 2010

    We need to make abortions more available and make adoptions easier. When these young women get pregnant and push a child on to a man who clearly does not want to be a father, things like this happen.

  • mochabrown Jul 22, 2010

    If these people can't handle parenthood, they need to have themselves fixed where they can't have children or give the kids up for adoption to those who want kids.

  • opinion2010 Jul 22, 2010

    I am prayer for this little one... Just as the other posts, these cases have been on my mind the last few days. As stated in another comment, there are lots of families who want kids and want to adopt that are just waiting on a child. The system needs to be changed. Make it easier for people who really don't want or love their children to give them up for someone else to take care of them... all rights... with no turning back. Also, in situations like abuse... mandatory... state takes them away and all rights are terminated. In turn adoption shouldn't cost a arm and a leg. Maybe then some of this madness would stop..

  • scarletindurham Jul 22, 2010

    I checked AP mobile last night. Half the stories were about children and babies being murdered, beaten, starved, raped. I had nightmares last night about my own child being harmed because of this influx in the news about children. When will this stop? This country is going INSANE!! GET HELP PEOPLE! STOP HURTING CHILDREN!!

  • rescuefan Jul 22, 2010

    What in the world goes through a person's mind that would allow them to injure a helpless baby?

  • ccs1920 Jul 22, 2010

    I lived off of Old Apex Rd for many years. The 1200 block of Old Apex has always been a black eye on the neighborhood. I don't know why but it has always attracted trouble. My best guess is that most are rental houses that accept Section 8.