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Cary leaders to discuss redistricting

Posted September 25, 2008

— Leaders in Cary plan on Thursday to talk about redrawing town council district lines before the 2009 elections.

Cary is divided into four districts. Each district elects a council member.

Some council members say the district population numbers are out of balance and lines should be adjusted. Others say the town should wait until after the official 2010 U.S. Census.

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  • WRALcensorsforIslam Sep 25, 2008

    The nasty little secret in Cary politics with respect to the district lines is simple. The powers that be have divided downtown Cary up and split the core of the city among 4 districts. It's a nice way to dilute the voices of those who live inside Maynard Road. There is a reason why it's the core of the city that has chronic flooding from storm water runoff that oddly enough, aren't seen elsewhere. Storm water problems in other areas get dealt with while in the older neighborhoods the city makes our flooding problems worse by inaction on preventative measures and aggravating action by allowing construction in riparian buffers and over stream beds. How about all of the core of the city in one Council district so that we may have a single Council rep who actually pays attention and has some care/concern for the older part of the city? I know it's a crazy, radical idea and it proves I "just don't understand", but still....