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Carthage man arrested for theft

Posted June 3, 2008
Updated June 9, 2008

— A Carthage man was arrested Monday on charges he broke into a vehicle last month.

Tyler Whitaker, 20, of 247 White Oak Road, was charged with felony breaking and entering to a motor vehicle and felony larceny, police said.

The charges stem from a May 13 theft from a vehicle on Grady Road in the Carthage area, officials said.

Whitaker was being held under a $15,000 bond. His first court appearance is June 11.


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  • muah Jun 10, 2008

    thanks for the support simms1978, I'm sure they'll have your post taken down (just as they did mine) soon being that no one is entitled to voice anything unless it them in their efforts to try and slander someone who even they call a "boy"! These are supposed to be ADULTS, But he's the "sick individual?" lol

  • muah Jun 10, 2008

    anpatterson your comment says it all, you're wanting this to get news coverage so that the boy can be put away for good. -sad to say the least, because by your own refrence he's just a "boy." Thankfully the justice system is not limited by your bias and ignorance even if this web site may be. You should show a little consideration that this has effected 2 famlies NOT just ONE. Best of luck to you, a heart full of hate is a terrible thing to live with, maybe one day EVERYONE involved will learn a lesson from this.

  • muah Jun 9, 2008

    I have no desire to fight with you, please don't confuse my defending Tyler with lack of compassion for your family. I am deeply sorry for what happened, but there are two sides and only exploiting one is just not okay with me.

    I will be happy to provide either of you with my personal email address or we can keep making a very private matter public record. . . your choice.

  • anpatterson Jun 6, 2008

    Let me tell you a little about this so called "poor boy" his criminal record in just one county is 42 pages long. That's pretty bad considering he just turned 20 in April. Maybe this is getting news coverage so he will put behind bars for good. Oh, and yeah the date May 13th was wrong because he was in jail but you failed to mention this reason he was locked up....well I'll tell you. He beat someone in the head with a baseball bat that he hardly knows and the injury was so severe that the boy had to be air lifted to Chapel Hill for surgery. I sure hope he grows up to be a man because there are not going to be any baseball bats where he is going. By the way he admitted to this crime so I'm not sure why you think he is so innocent.

  • muah Jun 4, 2008

    There was no car theft there was property stolen from a vehical, GREAT REPORTING. . . further more Tyler Whitaker has been in jail since the day before mothers day May 9th, extreemly hard to commit a crime (may 13th) while in jail don't you think??? The previous comment is 100% on the money. This would have NEVER made news. . . ever. . . it's POTHETIC that people are trying to hang the poor boy because in a case totally unrelated they don't have a leg to stand on! OH SO NEWS WORTHY!! The accuser I might add is a drug addict with a wrap sheet from here to China. . . where's his name listed in this??? Really aren't we fighting a war or something a little more IMPORTANT to report on???? SAD

  • oldrebel Jun 4, 2008

    Why is a simple car theft this newsworthy of a story? I'm wondering if this kid is kin to someone important or political and thisis an effort to do some guilt by association? Kind of weird. How many car thefts happen in the Triangle every day...yet unless there's a high speed chase or a shootout...does it rate this kind of coverage with the suspect's picture?