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Carthage father charged in infant's death

Posted August 26, 2008

— A 17-year-old has been charged with murder in the death of his 7-month-old son, Moore County Sheriff Lane Carter said.

Jamie Marcus Bullard, of 128 Sarges Drive in Carthage, was also charged with two counts of felony child abuse. He was arrested Tuesday.

Jacy Marcus Henderson-Bullard, of Carthage, was taken to First Health Moore Regional Hospital on Saturday with an apparent head injury. Carter said the 7-month-old was flown to Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital, where he later died.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Aug 28, 2008

    Is that all you have, Dr. Dataclerk? Read this, do that, never question, submit, grovel...or pay the consequences in the form of infinite torture? Your proposal is all about fear-based motivation, nothing else. And, why would anyone want to follow someone who threatened to torture them?

  • lorivalentine1 Aug 27, 2008

    This is truly a sad story all around. The father may have physically killed the child but I do not believe for a second that the mother had no earthly idea of the capability of this man. It is very rare that some one snap and kill without ever showing signs of anger management issues. He deserves every bit of what he will suffer in prison.

  • shannonmbullard Aug 27, 2008

    My thanks out to pebbles262004 because u are very right no one knows what really happened an no one can blame him nor her right now the mother is not innocent she is the blame just as well for the childs abuse as well as him because she also knew that her child was staying with people who were leaving marks on that baby as well as he knew an they never told anyone so they did not abuse their child. They were the mother an the father an never reported the abuse so they got charged for it and as for the murder charge was only because the truth was never told from the start so to u Dr.Dataclerk and NotMyProb those nasty comments are not ever right an should not be post if u do not have the right or the full story. It was a terrible accident an if he would have only told the truth from the start it would not look so bad so next time wait on all the information before u start talking.

  • CrewMax Aug 27, 2008

    I feel sorry for everyne in the legal system that has to deal with this situation. No good can come from this tragedy.

  • anneonymousone Aug 27, 2008

    Also, in US history, as in other cultures, it was common for multi-generational families to purposely live in the same house and work in the same family business, so there were lots of people to look after children and to support new parents. A young teen with an infant was probably not the only person over 13 in the house, which made a huge difference for all concerned.

  • anneonymousone Aug 27, 2008

    I don't mean that we should revert to older days, but with a more mobile society with more opportunities to choose our vocations and avocations, maybe we need to remind people that just because they have working parts to bring a child into the world, they are not duty-bound to reproduce as early and as frequently as they can.

    Yes, there were dreadful, criminally negligent and abusive parents in other generations. There was also a lot more secretiveness and more euphemistic half-references to the truths that might be called by name now.

    We are in a society now that places too much importance on having what we want, rather than having what's right and what's wise. I am also guilty of my share of this, and continue to address that in my life, and it has not led to anyone's death.

    another person who knows that morality and religion need not be the same thing: )

  • anneonymousone Aug 27, 2008

    "YOUR GRANDMOTHER OR GREAT GRANDMOTHER STARTED HAVING KIDS AS YOUNG AS 12." This is true enough, regardless of ethnicity, although going back a few more generations may be necessary. The world was a lot different then. My great-great-great-great grandmother may not have been allowed into college because she was female, and my grandmother had to drop out of high school to go to work to support her mother. On the other hand, in most communities in the US there was a different kind of support for families.

    I have lived in my neighborhood for more than a decade and don't know all the neighbors. This is because I am not related to them, we haven't all lived in the same place for generations, and with life as it is now, the places where we seek entertainment, education, worship (for those who participate), etc. are different than where our neighbors may seek the same.

    That also means that it's not likely that there is someone who knows when I got home last night and where I had gone.

  • jjslilred Aug 27, 2008

    ya know, I don't agree at all with what this father did, but it really burns my biscuits to hear people say that another person should burn in Hell. sin is sin and you better make sure you have the stick pulled out of your eye before you 'help' someone with their splinter. this boy did something horrible and needs prayer for God's mercy, for it is not His will to send anyone to Hell, though we all deserve it. God help us all.

  • chris0628 Aug 27, 2008

    It's such a sad, sad situation. My prayers go out to the family of the child. The father needs to pay the price if this was done intentionally.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Aug 27, 2008

    My last 2 lengthy and educational comment didn’t get posted.

    Educational, hardly. Most likely it did not make sense and would have offended someone. Thanks again, WRAL you are on the ball today. :) Learn the rules on board.