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Car crashes into Raleigh apartment; driver charged with hit-and-run

Posted December 12, 2014

— A 26-year-old Raleigh man was charged with hit-and-run early Friday after police say he crashed a car into an apartment complex in northwest Raleigh.

Officers responded to the Duraleigh Woods Apartments, at 5600 Oak Meadow Lane off Duraleigh Road, at about midnight after the vehicle ran off the road and hit the wall and deck of a first-floor apartment.

According to investigators, Brandon Kent Loosman, of 4016 Grand Manor Court, left the scene following the incident. He was arrested at his home a short time after the crash. Loosman was released from the Wake County jail at about 5:30 a.m.

No injuries were reported, but Raleigh police said the car destroyed one wall and the deck of a unit. Red Cross was contacted following the incident to assist two displaced residents.


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  • Matt Kohr Dec 12, 2014
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    talk about a backseat driver!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jimcricket15 Dec 12, 2014

    So I expect he will be paying out a bunch of money. Good no one was injured or killed in this mess.

  • busyb97 Dec 12, 2014

    They could prove speeding easier than alcohol. It's done all the time.

    But is it just me, or are more and more houses and buildings jumping into the roadways these days creating hazards for drivers?! I think this is the 3rd story this week of cars and buildings colliding. Drivers beware! (Sarcasm font off).

  • Keith Bonham Dec 12, 2014
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    Hard to charge what you cant prove. Since he left the scene not to be found 5.5 hrs later its hard to prove dwi let alone the fact that he was even driving the car. So I guess he admitted to hit and run when they found him at home, but beyond that they can't prove why ie speeding, drunk, reckless. And him knowing this is why he has that smirk on his face. Hope they can prove otherwise

  • PracticalMagick Dec 12, 2014

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    Whose police chief?

  • Chris James Dec 12, 2014
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    lol...do you people even have any clue who our police chief is?

  • Just another bad guy Dec 12, 2014

    Sometimes those apartment complexes are hard to see. Especially at night.

  • Bullcity34 Dec 12, 2014

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    It doesn't say he wasn't charged. However, hit and run is the arrestable offense. Was he drunk? Why don't you go to public record and find out before you cry police cover up

  • archmaker Dec 12, 2014

    easy on the eggnog folks.

  • Thought Criminal WS Dec 12, 2014

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    I hope WRAL follows up and fact checks to see if Loosman is the nephew of the PD Cheif. Sounds like a real story there.