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Campbell Breaks Ground for New Chapel

Posted March 12, 2008

— Campbell University began construction of a new chapel Wednesday afternoon.

Upon completion, the $6.8 million Butler Chapel will seat 300 people for worship and special events. The chapel is named for late Robert and Anna Butler.


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  • ScreenNameNotInUse Mar 13, 2008

    As the College Minister at Buies Creek First Baptist Church I would encourage anyone with a bias against religion to visit with us share your viewpoints. I am a Campbell Religion student and do not teach my faith, as such. Rather, I encourage my students to teach each other what God is telling them based on their relationship with Christ and His Word. We do hold the Bible up as our standard, but shove nothing down anyone's throat.

  • Pharmboy Mar 13, 2008

    I have to say that Campbell is very conservative, respectable small private school. But if your not white, your different there. The university and law school caters to the rich south. They draw on this wealth and students very well. Draw your own conclusions, but that university will have future problems if they want to expand their horizons. Religion ,politics, and business mixed together is a very tough balance.

  • Z Man Mar 13, 2008

    Things aren't so bad and in fact they're pretty good.

    Just exposing this as another opportunity for 'the suits' to take credit for the efforts of the folks that get the job done.

  • wrrgirl Mar 12, 2008

    wow there are some bitter people in this area! Sorry things are so bad that you must insult others!

  • Z Man Mar 12, 2008

    I can see it now... All the dignitaries' with their shiny chromed shovels taking a miniscule clump of dirt from the ground and pretending they are starting or participating in the WORK that is required to build a chapel. I say get them out of their suits and into coveralls and let them REALLY use those shovels. Only then should they take any credit.

  • Glass Half Full Mar 12, 2008

    You are welcome to come to Buies Creek any time and visit any one of our wonderful Baptist churches and feel the love and fellowship available to all who are willing to come to Him!

  • ptahandatum Mar 12, 2008

    Yet another place to allow legalized brainwashing and the teaching of vile, atrocious actions against other innocent human beings.