Survey: Raleigh-Cary job market one of nation's weakest

Posted June 14, 2011

— Job seekers in the Raleigh-Cary metro area may have a tough time finding work this fall. Meanwhile, those who are working face a higher chance of being laid off.

That’s the grim news in a third quarter employment survey of companies from recruitment services firm Manpower.

While 15 percent of companies say they plan to add workers, another 13 percent anticipate cutting staff, Manpower reported. That net 2 percent of additional hiring makes Raleigh-Cary one of the weakest job markets in the new survey, Manpower said.

While headlining the job market as “modest,” a year ago 19 percent of companies were looking to hire while 5 percent planned cuts. In the second quarter, 11 percent of firms were hiring while an equal percentage were planning cuts.

Of the remaining firms in the new survey, 66 percent planned to maintain staff levels. That’s down 6 percentage points from the previous quarter and five percentage points from a year ago.

North Carolina's unemployment rate in April was 9.7 percent. The May rate will be released June 17. In May 2010, the jobless rate was 10.3 percent. Unemployment in Raleigh-Cary in April was 7.7 percent.

For those seeking work, Manpower said best changes are in:

  • Durable and non-durable goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and utilities
  • Financial activities
  • Professional and business services
  • Other services

Anticipating cuts are companies in:

  • Wholesale and retail trade, education and health services
  • Government

The Manpower survey covers all 50 states and the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas. Durham-Chapel Hill is a separate MSA and is not surveyed separately.

State forecast

Across North Carolina, the hiring picture is better with 21 percent of companies planning to hire and 8 percent looking to make cuts. The net employment outlook is 13 percent.

The previous quarter, 13 percent of firms were looking to hire and 8 percent anticipated cuts.

A year ago, the index was a plus-12 when 17 percent of firms looked to hire and 5 percent planned cuts.

Best jobs prospects are in construction, durable and non-durable goods manufacturing, transportation and utilities, wholesale and retail trade, information, financial activities, professional and business services, education and health services, leisure and hospitality and other services.

Cuts are most expected in government.

National forecast

Nationally, the net hiring percentage is 8 percent, the same as the second quarter and up two points from a year ago.

“Although employers are not signaling dramatic upswings in hiring plans, there does seem to be hiring energy developing based on sustained year-over-year growth,” said Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup president of the Americas. “This is also the 11th consecutive quarter with a single-digit Net Employment Outlook, indicating a level of caution not seen among employers in the last 30 years of data. This fact, along with many clouds still on the economic horizon, may explain the tepid labor market growth we have seen so far.”


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  • ForTheLoveOf Jun 15, 2011

    Anyone else find it interesting that the jobs are being cut in government, but going to grow in the private sector? Kinda makes you wonder why the government needed money to fund government jobs when really it should have been tax breaks to keep the jobs in the private sector hiring in the first place...

  • whatusay Jun 14, 2011

    The first year a union is voted in is it's best year. After that the greediness and corruption ruin it. Collective bargaining eventually cost people more jobs than it creates or saves. The few that keep their union jobs are fortunate. UPS is union and survives because they are a "world entity business" and compete with union employees in other countries. If they were only operating in the US they would dwindle in numbers just like GM and Chrysler.

  • dws Jun 14, 2011

    "When you have a president who needs to organize a council and ask them what can be done to create jobs it's obvious he has no clue what to do"

    lol, he never had a clue from day 1

  • whatusay Jun 14, 2011

    But Obama said, this week, all we need to do to create jobs is become educated......isn't Raleigh/Cary in the top of "highly educated" American cities???? And, isn't Perdue obsessed with hiring more teachers to insure everyone in NC gets a quality education, whether they want it or not? Something doesn't smell right her.

  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Jun 14, 2011

    WOW, we were lied to be wral! OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!

  • oleguy Jun 14, 2011

    The illegals are doing work no one else will do,,, We are spoiled rotton, unemployment and wellfaire have ruint the working class in the USA, Its time to cut back folks,,, 100.00 cable tv, 100.00 cell phones, 1000.00 house payments, 600.00 car payments,, Get ready, the trains a coming,,, you aint seen the bottom yet, buy ammo, lock and load, keep a hole dug and a bag of lime ready,,,

  • PanthersFan45 Jun 14, 2011

    Not exactly encouraging news to those newly laid off or those who just graduated from college. I do believe this country is clearly on the wrong track. When you have a president who needs to organize a council and ask them what can be done to create jobs it's obvious he has no clue what to do (I saw the result of his stimulus bill that was passed by the democratic congress when he was elected). Maybe he'll try one more stimulus package for ole times sake !!

  • westernwake1 Jun 14, 2011

    "Sure I will, because we haven't thought about contacting local recruiters yet for a boat load of non-applicable resumes for $80K+ a year jobs. In general head hunters are the worst source of resumes and qualified candidates. Often pathetic screening. That's why we don't call you." - citizen782

    I am not a recruiter. I am a programmer. And this team is people who have worked at Triangle and Bay Area start-ups and big companies like Cisco & Google -- as well as programming at a number of health care, insurance, and other companies.

    If you are really hiring $110/hr.+ corp-to-corp then put your website with information about the positions & showing $110 as a contract rate on a GoLo - and I will have experienced programmers who meet these qualifications contact you if they are interested.

    I am not going to hold my breath - despite my offers to do this earlier - no employer has ever posted their purported positions or followed through.

  • Metical Jun 14, 2011

    "That’s the grim news in a third quarter employment survey of companies from recruitment services firm Manpower."

    Enough said - no need to read any further.

    Manpower conducts these surveys to guage resource requirments for their potential clients. One factor carefully omitted from this article is service quality...poor service = poor outlook...for MANPOWER.

  • goode88 Jun 14, 2011