About 28K still waiting on unemployment benefits in N.C.

Posted August 4, 2010

— The North Carolina Employment Security Commission says nearly 100,000 people without jobs now have extended jobless benefits until November, and thousands more are eligible.

President Barack Obama signed into law two weeks ago a restoration of benefits for more than 2.5 million U.S. workers who have been without a job for six months or more.

About 134,000 of the approximately 400,000 unemployed in North Carolina are eligible for the extension, ESC Deputy Chairman David Clegg says.

Benefits were automatically extended for about 92,000 people whose benefits haven't yet expired. Another 28,000 have received letters to re-apply.

"They could have gone back to work," Clegg said. "They could have been in a different jurisdiction; they might not have had enough base-period wages to continue with their claim."

The president signed a bill into law on July 22, ending a seven-week interruption that cut off payments averaging about $300 a week.


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  • Rebelyell55 Aug 6, 2010

    If you look at the numbers less than half of the unemployed are not getting any benefits. Older workers who have been laid off are not getting hired. This is driven by the insurance company who will raise a company's premium if the median age of the company population is above a certain number. This is a business model from Walmart that companies are following. I know there are laws to prevent age discrimination, but it is hard to enforce and companies know this. Any professional recuirter will tell you this. Also of the 400,000 reported I will bet that the number is way higher due those off the radar.

  • clickhere Aug 5, 2010

    wildcat - I even have people sending me links to potential jobs, so I'm looking almost every day. I was wondering about the response issue also - I'm thinking that there are quite a few company internal moves, but the companies still advertise them even though they know that someone internal will get the job. There have been several admin / clerical jobs open at NC State off and on, have you looked there?

  • wildcat Aug 5, 2010

    Anyone willing to give a clerical worker a job?

  • wildcat Aug 5, 2010

    I'm glad I'm getting something while I scramble to find a job.

    I agree with you and continue to look for a job every day. May God continue to bless all the unemployed.

  • wildcat Aug 5, 2010

    Some need it, but there are jobs out here.

    Maybe, but many companies are not responding to the application and resumess. Then it really depend on what kind of job. (You cannot apply for a nurse position if you are not qualified) Its not free money. When you get laid off, then you will be more appreciative.

  • hdsoftail Aug 5, 2010

    Keep giving everyone free money and the unemployment rates will keep rising. Some need it, but there are jobs out here.

  • tcndc2 Aug 5, 2010

    and what do you do if you feel you have been dropped off benefits when you should still be able to collect- the rules are so vague and most of the esc employees don't understand them either- and Clickhere is so right about keeping up with your skills even if you think the current job you have is secure cause none are.

  • clickhere Aug 4, 2010

    whatusay - illegals are leaving the area I'm in. There's still a few in the fields, but most have packed up, I think you're just reacting without knowing what's really happening.

  • clickhere Aug 4, 2010

    whatusay - employers pay into the unemployment system, we're getting what they put in, can't help it if the government wastes it. I'm fairly sure in my case my employers have paid in way more than what I'll get on unemployment. I worked 40 years and was laid off, I'm glad I'm getting something while I scramble to find a job.

  • pbjbeach Aug 4, 2010


    It is becasue they are willing to work for less than minnium wages an as that it is still more tyhan they were used to making in the fields of mexico an other third world countrys where as that the average american has allways been used to getting paid at the least the minnium wagwes an perhaps a little more this is why then illgal were allowed under the previous adminstration to get into this country to start with an why the borders at the u.s mexican borderwere not allowdd to totaly an sole close down as they could have been done so but they were allowed enterence into this country to help aid coporatiions an the special instrest to drive down american wages an to supopress overall total american comopesentaion within the american workforce just to protect the coporate bottom line thank you