Raleigh to host plug-in, hybrid, electric transport conference

Posted July 26, 2010

— The City of Raleigh will be the host for the next conference put on by the Electric Power Research Institute.

The 2011 “Plug-In International Conference” is set for the Raleigh Convention Center next year. The three previous events have taken place in Silicon Valley.

The conference focuses on plug-in, hybrid and electric transportation. It is organized by the institute and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

The 2011 conference dates are July 18-21.

Progress Energy and Duke Energy will work with the institute in organizing the event.

“We decided to offer a bit of geographical balance to our conference schedule as a way of exposing more people to the significant progress made toward integrating plug-in hybrid and other electric vehicles into the transportation system,” said Mark Duvall, director of Electric Transportation at EPRI, in the announcement.

Raleigh is at the forefront of several electric power vehicle and “green energy” initiatives ranging from plans for electric vehicle plug-in locations and replacing standard lighting with light-emitting diodes.



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  • lavatan Jul 27, 2010

    NCPictures just an FYI, synthetic lubricants are made from petroleum base stocks (ie oil). The typical process involves chemically modifying highly refined base stock (typically gassified light oils) or hydrocracking oil under pressure in the presence of hydrogen. So your synthetic lubricant is not petroleum free. PS the hydrogen used in hydrocracking is derived from natural gas, so it's not green either.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jul 27, 2010

    NCPictures, I handed you an olive branch and you snapped it in two...continued with the invective. None of us are "all green"...none of us are perfect. We are ALL hypocrites to some degree. What's that prove? I'm vegan, I bike and do lots of environmental things...but I'm FAR FAR from "all green".

    Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to use 25% of the resources, yet we're only 5% of the everything helps. But, this is about doing more...about creating a new initiative...a new direction to further increase our efficiency and decrease our global footprint. Can you agree with that? :-)

  • 6079 SMITH W Jul 26, 2010

    Nobody is whining about makes more sense to use electricity instead of oil to commute. A parking deck with the roof covered in non-focusing concentrators can produce enough power to take the load off the grid, and charge cars when they visit. Good luck with that diesel....and be sure you don't get caught not paying your road-use tax. People should be rewarded, not punished, for doing anything at all to reduce the demand for gasoline and diesel. If they sell a Smart car here with a vegetable oil diesel-electric powertrain, I'll buy one myself. Rudolf Diesel ran his engine on peanut oil.....Soybeans will do just fine.

  • NCPictures Jul 26, 2010

    "NCPictures, you and I both use products that require oil. (eg. Plastic) You’re jumping up and down on the hood of your frenchfry-wagon calling everyone hypocrites. Why? I bike to work for 5 yrs, use a 1.9 litre car and combine trips.

    No one is oil free, but can we not all work to reduce our dependency on the Suadi kings? (& on a product that kills nearly every living thing that it comes in contact with?)"

    Yes I am calling you hypocrites, because I am not the one saying that it is bad to use petroleum. YOU folks are! And I am not jumping up and down sheeeesh And yes my car is petroleum free as I use synthetics in all of my other lubrication areas. As far as plastics go, I never claimed I didnt use plastics.

    If find it interesting that you are critical of my attempt to work with alternative fuels, yet are claiming to be all green.

    All I am saying is that I see a lot of people whining about the use of petroleum, yet do nothing about it.

  • carolinak12r Jul 26, 2010

    @rroadrunner99: You cannot use the rolling energy of a hybrid vehicle to make it self-charging, at least not in the way that your comment implies. Because of friction and myriad other losses, you will always pull more energy from the hybrid's battery than you can put back in using regenerative braking (i.e., using the electric motor's generation drag to slow the vehicle). Thus, unless you're always driving downhill, regenerative braking can only reduce the rate of battery discharge, it cannot replenish back to or beyond the starting level of charge. Further, other comments here make legitimate criticisms of hybrid technology, particularly regarding the failure of its proponents to account for the entire carbon footprint of hybrids (battery manufacture, electricity generation, etc.) and their relatively poor performance compared to the simplicity and efficiency of direct-injection diesels. However, we're in the early generation of hybrids, and the technology is promising.

  • geosol Jul 26, 2010

    "Hybrid schmybrid. I'd like to see a truly unbiased look at the carbon footprint and the toxic waste generated in the manufacture of a hybrid." Me too. There are a few "hybrid hating" websites that claim all kinds of toxic waste, but they have all been disproven. You are correct that there is a promising future in clean diesel. I looked into a TDI, but i make a lot of short trips and was concerned about coking the turbine. I bought a hybrid instead, and i've been VERY pleased with its performance over the past 4 years. I'm seriously considering an aftermarket plug-in conversion, so i'll probably go to the convention to check out what's available. I guess i'd rather be around a bunch of "nerds and wimps" than a bunch of rednecks and idiots.

  • Road-wearier Jul 26, 2010

    Hybrid schmybrid. I'd like to see a truly unbiased look at the carbon footprint and the toxic waste generated in the manufacture of a hybrid.

    Hybrid guys don't want to hear this, but hybrids are not the way for highway driving. Diesels are - clean diesels. Which has a high allowable sulfur content now, gasoline or ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (which is all that available now)? The ULSD is 15ppm and gasoline is 30ppm. I just drove from Raleigh to Atlanta at 70-75 mph in a new Jetta diesel wagon and got 44 mpg...without lugging around batteries and in a decent sized car. This is NOT your father's 1984 Olds or Benz oil hammer - this car is smooth, powerful and fun to drive.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jul 26, 2010

    wildervb, have you seen this Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed's DIAMOND MERCEDES?

    thatsgreat, are you proud that you probably paid for more of this car than the rest of us here?

  • working for deadbeats Jul 26, 2010

    "Your Saudi princes thank you for your continued patronage" wild


  • wildervb Jul 26, 2010

    "I wish everybody would drive an electric car. That would mean more diesel available for me to annoy you all with clouds of smoke."

    Your Saudi princes thank you for your continued patronage.