Kellogg plant in Cary begins layoffs

Posted November 19, 2009

— Some employees of a Kellogg Co. manufacturing plant in Cary got notice Thursday that their jobs were being eliminated, a company spokeswoman said.

Kris Charles said the moves are part of a nationwide effort to "optimize our manufacturing network."

"As we simplify and standardize our processes at the Cary bakery, some jobs were impacted," Charles wrote in an e-mail to WRAL News.

She did not disclose how many cuts were made but said those affected got notice Thursday morning.

The plant, located off Weston Parkway, produces cereals, cookies and cracker snacks.

It was among sites caught up in a salmonella scare that sickened hundreds of people earlier this year.

Inspectors with the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services tested 50 samples of peanut butter crackers produced there in February and found one which tested positive for salmonella. The company said the tainted peanut butter came from a Blakely, Ga., plant of Peanut Corp. of America.

The scare forced the plant to close for six weeks for cleanup.


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  • john283594 Nov 19, 2009

    "I encourage you to post your solutions, and I will post mine."

    Legalize Marijuna tax it, problem solved...

  • PanthersFan45 Nov 19, 2009

    Sorry to hear of the layoffs ..... I know a few people who have been looking for work a very long time. They are well educated people who are not even being picky right now. A tough environment to lose a job in still, hopefully things will improve soon, good luck and hang in there.

  • daffy Nov 19, 2009

    I agree to the following comment already posted...These layoffs had nothing to do with last year's peanut 'scare'. This lay off took place with letters handed out to all staff, and meetings took place throughout the whole day, picking and choosing who will go and who will stay. It is a sad day, God have mercy on all.

  • discowhale Nov 19, 2009

    here's the easiest, proven way to create jobs AND bring in more tax revenue.


    It's the economy...WRAL won't let me add the last word but it rhymes with cupid!!

  • ghimmy51 Nov 19, 2009

    oh bull. Bet you the company is moving operations to someplace cheap so the beloved stockholders and most especially the wheels can pocket more.

  • hollylama Nov 19, 2009

    To the detriment of many, I think companies are realizing that you can pay less people to do the same amount of work plain and simple. Companies have to make sacrifices and so do the employees. The employees that remain will have more to do but they can't exactly complain cause they just saw their colleague get the boot.

  • concerncitizen Nov 19, 2009

    affirmativediversity, nope you're still whinning.......... What are you going to do? Is the question...

  • concerncitizen Nov 19, 2009

    beenc2, I've already started mine! A lot less credit! If you're out of work better learn to do something else fast! We caused it, and we will have to fix it!

  • beenc2 Nov 19, 2009

    What is needed is a new political party because the old ones don't represent anyone anymore. But greed is also a problem, and that needs to be regulated. I don't believe in less regulation because just like socialism, that doesn't work either.

  • concerncitizen Nov 19, 2009

    Deathrow, that is one of the many charms of Cary...... You just don't see the eye sores from the street! The hundreds of parked cars, deliver trucks, dusts and trash! :):)