Raleigh ranked third-best place in U.S. to start business

Posted October 13, 2009

— Fortune Small Business magazine ranked the Raleigh metro area as the third-best place in the U.S. to start a business.

Raleigh trailed Oklahoma City and Pittsburgh among large metros in the annual study, which was conducted by the magazine and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Charlotte ranked seventh on the list, while Wilmington and Durham ranked 14th and 15th, respectively, among mid-sized metro areas.

The magazine cited relatively low housing costs in the Triangle, the region's climate and accessibility to both the coast and the mountains, Raleigh's downtown revitalization efforts and the local educational and research opportunities.

“Historically, fast-growing small companies have led the U.S. economy out of recession, and according to our latest poll, nearly half of all small-business owners would consider moving if doing so would help their companies," Fortune Small Business editor Jessica Bruder said in a statement. "Location matters more than ever before. The great recession redrew the map of America.”


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  • wildervb Oct 14, 2009

    Why so many negative comments, I realy like the area.

    Traffic isn't at all bad compared to major cites.
    Housing costs are reasonable. (You don't have to buy a 400K brand new home)
    Property taxes are low. (Again compared to other cities.)

  • savagesister Oct 14, 2009

    Okay, I don't want faster growth but I have to say, I love it here! Some traffic problems but I have lived in Boston and Tampa, so no comparison. Lots to do, reasonable cost of living, good roads for the most part. I've been here for 26 years and every time I visit DC or another large city, I am so glad I did.

  • lkanzig Oct 13, 2009

    no wonder they do!
    all the incentives and breaks they get? then if they cant produce the jobs by the time they said they would or end up closing the factory, they dont have to pay it all back!
    no wonder they like nc so much!

  • 4wheelin Oct 13, 2009

    only if you liked being taxed to death

  • larieke Oct 13, 2009

    Yah but there's lots and lots of vacant buildings available. I quess there are 2 other cities with more vacant space though.

  • workingforthosethatwont Oct 13, 2009

    Yeah, if you can drop in from a helicopter instead of driving to work everyday. What a nightmare!
    Oh and the road surfaces.....they look like the northern states with months of snow and ice.
    Take the illegals with you and go somewhere else, we don't want any new businesses here.

  • 6079 SMITH W Oct 13, 2009

    Third best place to start a business, DEAD LAST if you want to park.

  • Gatsby Oct 13, 2009

    Obviously they did not travel Capital Blvd. from WF into Raleigh coming from the North or I-40 from Clayton to Raleigh traveling from the South during the morning rush or they would have noted:

    "Raleigh is the 3rd best city to start a business IF you can ever get there"

  • Space Mountain Oct 13, 2009

    Low housing costs compared to what? To the even more outrageously overpriced houses up north and out west? It sure isn't low these days if you actually grew up here the last 40 years. And the price of housing is not comperable to what most people here get paid.

  • fibershark Oct 13, 2009

    Surprised it's not 1st.No limit on how many illegals you can hire and get away with it, like you're the All American Company.Construction companies and others Boast"American Owned" with maybe a handful of legal Americans there,and they are the Bosses.surprised NC not having a Amnesty Lottery