N.C. unemployment rate stays at 10.8%

Posted May 22, 2009

— North Carolina’s unemployment rate remained stuck at 10.8 percent in April, with a slight increase in the number of people working and a similar drop in the number of unemployed, the state Employment Security Commission reported Friday.

The U.S. unemployment rate rose to 8.9 percent in April.

N.C. unemployment rate still 10.8 percent N.C. jobless rate unchanged for April

The state actually added 26,857 jobs during the month, while the ranks of those unemployed and still seeking jobs dipped by only 815.

The state’s unemployed in April numbered 492,785, near the record high.

Statewide, the labor force increased to 4.58 million, up some 26,000 from March, as more people sought work.

North Carolina added 4,100 jobs in education and health services, but that increase was more than offset by the loss of 4,600 manufacturing jobs.

“Our state’s unemployment rate has remained pretty steady over the past three months,” ESC Chairman Moses Carey said in a statement. “While a gain in employment is nice to see, this global recession continues to affect many citizens in our state.”

The number of people working in North Carolina increased to 4,087,728, but that total is 171,865 fewer than a year ago.

North Carolina’s unemployment rate in April 2008 was 5.7 percent.

The state’s jobless rate hit 10.7 percent in February from 9.7 percent in January then rose slightly to 10.8 percent in March.


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  • whatusay May 22, 2009

    wildervb....Obama can blame the previous administration only so long. Eventually everyone will see through his smoke screen and know he has nothing except welfare and high unemployment to offer. He is bankrupting this country and trying to blame it on someone else. Job is too big for him.

  • affirmativediversity May 22, 2009

    oh and wildervb:

    Unions are BIG BUSINESS. Their business may not be to sell a product but more to extort a price for their service BUT they are BIG BUSINESS!

  • coolwill May 22, 2009

    First all lets define an American as a person who is a US citizen; I don’t think Obama and others see it this way. Let’s define the unemployment rate being 10.8%, this is based on the number of people (US citizens) looking for a job not the non US citizens that have them that are not here legally or registered, (which is against the law). Drive around look at all the different types of construction, landscape, janitorial, fast foods, even burying fiber optics, etc, who do you see, a few Americans and whole lot of others. America is on the decline.

  • affirmativediversity May 22, 2009


    Is that really the best defense you have? Do you really want to stick with the "I know you are but what am I" retort?

  • Raleigh Boys May 22, 2009

    Imagine taking the $170,000 a year job from Mary, and employing five or six state employees instead.

  • wildervb May 22, 2009

    "Obama doesn't give one iota about the average American. He has done nothing but MAKE OUR LIVES HARDER, WITH LESS FREEDOMS and FEATHER THE NESTS OF THUG/BIG BUSINESS BUDDIES AS FAST AS HE CAN, BEFORE ANYONE CAN STOP HIM!"

    Affirmativediversity, first, you'd need to be a mind reader to know if Obama cares about Americans or not, didn't know you had that gift.
    Second, "THUG/BIG BUSINESS BUDDIES"??? Who are these thugs, I thought you liked big business capitalists, now all of a sudden you hate them. You're getting your hate rhetoric mixed up now.
    Third, if you're incapable of acknowleding the mess Obama inherited then you must have been living on some deserted island for the last 2 years or are simply a blind tool of the Republican party. (which is it? I'm curious.)

  • time4real May 22, 2009

    BAM! Who needs a check? Oh Bev.............

  • vote4changeASAP May 22, 2009

    "He wasn't handed a mess...HE IS THE MESS!"


  • mwilliams2 May 22, 2009


    Did you not here the news? Deficits don't matter.

  • tatermommy52 May 22, 2009

    Gas prices up, unemployment up, FBI business in Raleigh up, war in Iraq up. Hooray for the Democrats!