Oven make to close Clayton plant

Posted February 16, 2012

— Turkington USA, which makes industrial-size ovens and other products for the baking industry, will close its Clayton plant and lay off all 101 people who work there.

The company alerted the state Department of Commerce of the move Wednesday, and the layoffs are effective Friday, the company said.


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  • mdsueo Feb 20, 2012

    Unfortunately, there was little response when "some of the 'working people' should have worked with upper management and done things right!" Big shots don't care what the people who know how things work have to say. Even a course at Wayne Com Col called Continuous Improvement didn't help that.

  • Grimmy Feb 17, 2012

    And to the former employees standing up for the "working people" of TUSA, thank you! Maybe some of the "working people" should have worked with upper management and done things right!

  • Grimmy Feb 17, 2012

    It's me again.... just had to add that when the owner of the company promotes the president of the company after foolishly spending the customer's money needed to build the equipment, promotes a good person to president then basically walks out on the company which leaves the current new president to catch all the poo (stuff that rolls downhill), What does that show of him? Employees and the new president were screwed of everything they worked for. While two people are probably kicking back on a yacht somewhere in warm waters, good people are left wondering about their future and working like heck at finding a new job which we all know are limited. All I can say to my fellow employees is... Stay strong, work hard, and keep the hope.

  • Grimmy Feb 17, 2012

    As an employee of Turkington for the past 17 years for people to comment of the employees there in a negative way shows lack of class. Until you understand the ownereship we WERE under when the company took on the Turkington USA name, you have no right to your comments, quit disrespecting the employees that have given everything to their work. Many drive an hour or more each way and work for far less than what they deserve and have not received any raises for 4-5 years.

  • moerack Feb 17, 2012

    Requiring a steady paycheck, I had to jump from the sinking ship known as TUSA. If any employee didn't see this coming, they came to work with blinders on. The "little people" who worked tirelessly, got nothing. Upper management received addtions to their already large salaries and insane financial incentives from a company in financial ruin. Upper management is solely to blame. They never looked for solutions to problems, only cover ups. Luckily, I found a wonderful job at the expense of leaving some truly great co-workers and friends like Mr. Klem, Mr. Partridge and several others. It is sad to see these awesome "little people" lose their jobs.

  • rbbennettjr Feb 17, 2012

    stupid 1000 character limit cutting me off earlier...ugh!

  • rbbennettjr Feb 17, 2012

    And to the people's comments that don't or didn't work there...

    Don't care about your political affiliation, but no one in our government had anything to do with this. If you want a list of names, its only 3-6 people long. And the worst of them are British. We bailed the Brits side of the company out a few years back, I WONDER IF THEIR DOORS ARE CLOSING?????? (to my knowledge, they aren't)

    And to whether or not good people worked there:

    The people who did the work, worked hard. But when management does not provide the tools or encouragement, your doomed for failure.

    That is all...

  • rbbennettjr Feb 17, 2012

    As an ex-employee of Turkington (got out 5 months ago), I'd like to add to Ken and Jim's comments. They are hitting the nail on the head. Too often the people of this company were left wondering "what's next". When a person is left wondering instead of left knowing, they tend to get defensive, and tend to get worried, and tend to be extrememly distracted. It was nearly impossible to keep a positive frame of mind within this company. Anyone trying to help was "put back in their place". It really is unfortunate, Ken is right, 1% gets a slap on the wrist, while the other 99% are totally screwed. There are a lot of good, hard workers at this company that were hand cuffed by management. Management lied and didn't care, and we ALL KNEW IT!!! This was my first job out of college and I appreciate everything anyone there taught me. One thing I know I learned, how to NOT be a manager. People respect honesty, even if the truth is not good. This applies to not only your employees, but y

  • kenklem Feb 17, 2012

    As another employee of Turkington, Jim Partridges' comments are quite accurate. Executive Management operated the business as if their intent was to "flip it" for quick sale. The 3-5 year time frame for the sale, did not come to fruition. The guys at the top could not "cash-in" in time, so they relocated. It wasn't to expand, it was to find a new place to dwell. The Goldsboro lease ran out, as did the economic incentives from Wayne County. Through a multitude of miss-steps, having nothing to do with the economy, as Jim stated... they couldn't "flip-it" so they sunk it.
    The years of skills and talents of the Turkington employee pool, represents an incredible synergy of individuals and a tremendous asset to prospective buyers of the company. How shameful to see, once again, the 1% having their way, at the expense of the 99%.

  • djalston01 Feb 17, 2012

    Concerning the "couldn't find any worthwhile workers" comment - how brainwashed and shallow can you be? Looks like the government has done a great job indoctrinating you. Go ask Turkington employees and their families if they are over payed. Perhaps you place a low value on your own existence. Oh and what are you doing today - working or sticking your nose in something that you have no say so in??