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Boy in critical condition after being hit at bus stop

Posted November 3, 2011

— An 8-year-old Moore County boy was in critical condition early Thursday after a pickup truck hit him while he was crossing the road to a school bus, hospital officials said.

Slayton Maness, a third-grader at Robbins Elementary School, is in the intensive care unit at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill. Earlier, authorities had said his condition was stable.

State troopers said that Slayton walked in front of an a pickup truck in North Moore Road – about a mile north of Robbins – around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday as the school bus was approaching the stop.

The truck driver, Billy Joe Binkley, of Bonlee, told troopers that he saw the bus' flashing lights and slowed down but that he did not see the boy. Troopers said he won't face any charges.


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  • wsinman2 Nov 10, 2011

    The man certainly did not intent to hit the child. The mom should have been in control

  • YA RECKON Nov 3, 2011

    Kids should not even begin to approach a schoolbus until it and all other vehicles that are in close proximity to that bus are completely stopped, even if the red lights are flashing and the bus is stopped,,, if there are still other vehicles approaching, the child should remain still at (away from) the side of the road until all vehicles are completely stopped.
    Just because a car is supposed to stop on the signal doesnt mean it will. Cars arent supposed to cross the double yellow either but they do
    The right of way does not give anyone the right to step out in front of a moving vehicle

  • Knight874 Nov 3, 2011

    The bottom line is when a school bus approaches a stop...the amber lights are activated. Vehicles should automatically start slowing down and be prepared to stop. With a bus approaching in this manner drivers should already be aware that their are children present. Most drivers don't understand the law of when the red lights are activate and when they should stop. Whether there is a divider between the lanes or just a yellow line. The state needs to educate drivers better. Just this morning I had a driver pass the school bus with the red lights flashing and my children were getting on the bus. To me it is simple...slow down and pay attention...and if in doubt STOP!!!

  • Mom2two Nov 3, 2011

    Statement: "Truck came out of nowhere?" Translation: I didn't see the truck." Doesn't mean the truck was speeding, couldn't be seen, etc. Just means that her attention was NOT on her son OR the traffic. I'm not blaming her because sometimes things happen beyond our control, but for years I have put my children on school buses, and my hand is on or in front of them until it is safe to cross. (Meaning they waited until I said it was ok.)

  • gnewsome1 Nov 3, 2011

    I hope that this young man fully recovers. The truck driver should be charged. Yesterday it was reported that he was driving 55MPH. Today, he saw the flashing lights and slowed down. What speed was he driving before he slowed down to 55MPH. He either knew or should have known the meaning of flashing lights on a school bus.

  • dgcreech Nov 3, 2011

    to dwallace and to proud2BAMom: Try re-reading the following:
    "State troopers said that Slayton walked in front of an a pickup truck in North Moore Road – about a mile north of Robbins – around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday as the school bus was approaching the stop."
    Now, the child stepped out into the road in front of the truck at his bus stop BEFORE the bus was even stopped. The red lights were not flashing, bus had not yet stopped and therefore the child should not have left the side of the road. The mother should have stopped him. I disagree with the driver of a pickup being charged since the child ran in front of him. It isn't like he could have stopped in time.

    Just my opinion, but before you start arguing about a "fully stopped bus" or "flashing red lights" try reading the story first.

  • dwallace9392 Nov 3, 2011

    He should face charges.There is no way that you cannot see a object that size in the highway.He should not be driving.Whatever happen to the pedestrian having the right of the way? Prayers go out to the family!!!!! Too much of this is happening and it is because the person doing it always claim that they did not see them,because they know that this will get them off!!!!! People need to slow down and stop driving like fools!!!!!

  • KermitDFrog Nov 3, 2011

    At 6:30am it's still dark outside. I see kids dart all the time and all they're thinking about is getting on the bus. I always slow down around buses because I am so afraid of the story above.

  • sssh.. whisper Nov 3, 2011

    Prayers to this little boy. May he gain the strength and courage that he needs to regain stability.

  • Proud 2 B A Mom Nov 3, 2011

    "Why was the parent not with him? They could've helped him look for traffic. Eight years old?..... Too young to be at the bus stop without an adult."

    The mom was on the news last night and was with him at the bus stop. She said the truck came out of nowhere and did not slow down for the bus. How can a child get hit by a vehicle while crossing to get onto a stopped bus with flashing lights and not get charged? I don't understand this!!!