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Boy escapes from juvenile custody

Posted June 22, 2009

The Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is looking for Dilon P., who escaped from his community placement at at 1054 Elliot Circle in Fayetteville.

Dilon was last seen on the evening of June 10, authorities said. He is described as a black boy with short brown hair, brown eyes and a light mustache.

The Department of Juvenile Justice is working with local law enforcement in the search for Dilon. Anyone who sees Dilon is asked to call 911.


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  • chris0628 Jun 22, 2009

    Why does he have to be a black boy versus a black male

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Jun 22, 2009

    if you take offense to him being called a black boy what would you prefer they call him?

  • iron fist Jun 22, 2009

    I don't know that I find it offensive, they could have given a better description. Black youth, 5'5" tall, 120 pounds brown hair light mustache etc. I don't know if he is black or just dark skinned. Could be hispanic.

  • colliedave Jun 22, 2009

    how old is the dude and what charges was he held on? Don't think it was cow-tiping. When they catch him he needs to be placed in admin-seg at Central Prison. This is a single cell setting where they place the really bad boys who can't behave themselves in prison.

  • iron fist Jun 22, 2009

    Age, height, weight? Who gave description "black boy"? I am sure someone will be complaining about that.

  • wife-of-a-concrete-man Jun 22, 2009

    I guess this is a case of protecting the poor little guy, by not printing his last name or age... looks to me like he's old enough to have his full name &/ or age printed- a juvenile delinquent- AN ESCAPED ONE, AT THAT!- doesn't need much protection of privacy, as far as I am concerned!

  • Trabman_san Jun 22, 2009

    Great...He's been gone for 12 days before anyone misses him!