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Blue Cross Blue Shield N.C. launches health reform Web site

Posted June 9, 2009

— North Carolina's largest health insurance provider launched a Web site Tuesday to help consumers understand its viewpoint on the president's health national insurance plan.

Blue Cross Blue Shield says President Barack Obama's national health insurance plan could have a negative impact on quality care. It is concerned how a policy would have an impact on its business.

It launched www.nchealthreform.com, which company spokesman Lew Borman said, is to serve as an information resource as the issue evolves.

"Now people can see for themselves what we believe," Borman said. "The Web site demonstrates what we said all along – we strongly support health care reform, and we believe all Americans should have health insurance."

Obama has said that one of the top priorities for his administration is to provide affordable, accessible health coverage to every American. He has maintained that a government-run plan could be more affordable for Americans who have trouble purchasing insurance.


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  • dlmagoo2 Jun 11, 2009

    To add to the generic benefit issue, your premiums, if paid through a company are set for the entire year, if paid individually, I believe it's a year, but only if you continue to pay as agreed. If you fail to do that then they can terminate your benefits and you have to re-submit again. Your drug benefits CANNOT just change willy nilly as the program options change, you are locked in, so if your copay changed, A) you either went through renewal with your company and they felt the need to save money by not having benefits as rich, or B) you personally renewed your individual plan and that was the benefit available to you. BCBS did this twice, once for almost a whole year, saved millions for customers and got a whole lot of folks taking generic medications over the more costly ones. Just to clarify, generic doesn't mean "cheap" it means it's a medication that went off patent, the company chose not to renew or they came up with a more costly drug to get folks to take for their issues.

  • exteacher Jun 11, 2009

    "What people fail to see is Blue Cross is the cronies are scared they will no longer stick people with $1000/mo premiums and pay no taxes on their profit."
    To Swinter: You need to have your facts correct before you spout off. Contrary to what you say here, BCBS DOES pay taxes.

    Taxes paid annually: $173.8 million
    Economic impact of payroll and benefits: $334.5 million

  • moth Jun 10, 2009

    I hope the promised "Govt Option" drives a stake through its heart.

  • Fangy Jun 10, 2009

    BCBS may have offered free Generic drugs for 6 months but as soon as they did my non-generic Rx's increased by $5...Even my pharmacist said that they were just off-setting the costs of giving free generics...

    You can paint as rosy a picture as you like and there is PLENTY of blame to be spread throughout the entire health care industry but companies like BCBS are leading us all down a perilous financial path. I suppose that's why 61% of all bankruptcies can now be attributed to outstanding medical debts.

    I personally watched as my grandfather was forced to mortgage the home he built with his own hands 3x's to help pay for my Grandmother's medical care. Just 1 of 22 medications she was on cost $750 a month and that was 15 years ago!

    The system is completely and utterly broken and one has to conclude that since BCBS is one of the last Companies standing that they at a minimum helped to significantly contribute to this debacle...

  • swinter Jun 10, 2009

    Baloney - one of the biggest causes of high healthcare prices are the uninsured. Hospitals must absorb the cost and it's passed on to those with insurance.

    What people fail to see is Blue Cross is the cronies are scared they will no longer stick people with $1000/mo premiums and pay no taxes on their profit.

    And spare me the scare tactics on "socialized medicine." Even in Europe and Canada, those who do not want to participate in the NHS, still carry health insurance so they do not have to wait and go to any doctor they wish. NHS is a safety net for those who The reason GOPers and BCBS never mention this fact is the government keeps insurance companies from sticking it to th people like BCBS - and BCBS makes a lot of GOP $$ contributions plus a free ride on the taxpayer.

    And yes I've used NHS in the UK, Germany and Canada. Beats America's non-care hands down.

  • dlmagoo2 Jun 10, 2009

    What people fail to see is that medical lawsuits and drug companies are what keep a lot of the premiums high. BCBS has gone a long way to assist with this...ie it's 6 month generic drug benefit plan, it paid the copays for those that were to get a generic drug versus the brand new fancy drugs on the market. That itself added up to millions, a plan by the way that the MEDICAID system should enforce, so far it pays for any medication practically, and procedure...well except for having my sons wisdom teeth pulled, but that is neither here nor there. BCBS is a primary benefactor to a program that ensures children are covered with insurance. BCBS does good things, but all anyone sees is the bad. Take a look at all press releases and you will see, BCBS does a lot to help take care of our communities, with either it's own charities or through United Way, BCBS is a good and caring company.

  • dlmagoo2 Jun 10, 2009

    BCBS is, as exteacher said, purely an administrator for state benefits, as noted on the ID card, it no longer says BCBS, due to the fact that people were confused and thought BCBS gave them their benefits. The state decides what benefits it will pay for and merely pays BCBS a fee to administer them, as well as doing all paperwork involved with the plan. Companies are the same way, they decide what benefits to offer, they decide how much they will pay for those benefits per person, whether or not to have a pre-ex clause (which by the way is one reason premiums are what they are and not higher). There are certain benefits that have to be given, but the amount of benefit is left to the plan that the employer chooses...ie mental health. Additional benefits..such as dental and vision are extra and also up to the employer's discretion. If you don't have all facts, and are just spouting off rhetoric.. please don't. BCBS is a good company and it's employees provide the best service.

  • dlmagoo2 Jun 10, 2009

    BCBS is a NOT FOR PROFIT company, that isn't the same as NONPROFIT.. and yes they did try twice to go public, but the restrictions that the state was going to place on the company in regards to a NON-PROFIT organization were unacceptable...The state was going to make BCBS the primary benefactor to this charity health plan, using profits from the company. The company is required by law to have so much money in reserve, in case of catastrophic events, that reserve is set at a specific percentage and can't go below. If the company were to become a huge benefactor in ANY program that would eat into those reserves. While I agree with those that have issue with the bonuses and raises paid out to executives, I also don't feel that the company should be made responsible for the health of every person.

  • MyNameIsMud Jun 10, 2009

    Blue Cross customer here. Sure, Blue Cross, you're looking out for public's interest...right. Why do I pay you over $200 a month? My initial rate was under $200 an now you are raising fees again in less than a year.

    If the Obama Administration can bring health care reform that includes being able to buy into a larger government network at much lower rates, then bye Blue Cross--I'm gone.

    It's not socialism. It's just another available choice for insurance.

  • scarletindurham Jun 10, 2009

    mochabrown, they aren't a public company that is responsible for offering free health care. The American Dream is based on being able to make money. This is a capitalist country. BCBSNC is not in Washington lining up to take it's stake in the bailout. They are making money. You all sound so socialist when it comes to stuff you're not getting, or is costing you money, but when people start talking about handouts to the poor, you scream about that too.... besides, the government offers free health care. It's called Medicare and Medicaid, and it's costing this country billions of unnecessary dollars because it's so easy to scam.