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Batteries stolen from construction vehicles in Fayetteville

Posted July 9, 2012

— Police said Monday that they are investigating the theft of dozens of batteries from construction vehicles working on the Fayetteville Outer Loop highway project.

About 100 batteries were stolen Sunday from trucks, backhoes, illuminated signs and other construction equipment owned by R.E. Goodson Construction Co., police said. The vehicles and equipment were at the 6400 block of Bragg Boulevard, where crews are working on extending Interstate 295 around Fayetteville.

Police said the combined weight of the batteries is almost 10,000 pounds.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call the Fayetteville Police Department at 910-433-1618 or Crime Stoppers at 910-483-TIPS (8477).


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  • MadMaxx Jul 9, 2012

    Batteries for sale Craigslist! Get while they are cheap!

  • TITAN4X4 Jul 9, 2012

    10,000 Lbs isn't going in to the bed of even a 350/ 3500 truck. Must have had a good trailer. With a big truck/ trailer, they may have looked natural in a construction setting.

    And yes, anyone trying to offload that many batteries will likely be caught unless they go wayyyy out of state.

  • ICTrue Jul 9, 2012

    they should be able to track these guys down pretty easily when they try to sell all of that lead.

  • Just Plain Common Sense Jul 9, 2012

    How about it is news because of the quantity, weight, potential uses? Whoever did it has no good in mind, and who can steal and cart off 10000 lbs of batteries?

  • Obama our Savior Jul 9, 2012

    Someone's going to have a great camping trip this weekend. They could light several square miles with all that juice.

  • Tricky Dick is Not A Crook Jul 9, 2012

    And this made New because ??? Lost -pat7

    Let me see. 100 batteries are stolen out of vehicles and equipment? Nope, I can't figure it out either.

  • pat7 Jul 9, 2012

    Easy target for someone who didnt have any money to buy a battery, because our great economy .Do not Feed

  • Southern Discomfort Jul 9, 2012

    "And this made New because ??? Lost" -pat7

    Read the last line with the crimestoppers information. The news provides an excellent outlet for "news" of crimes like this so the public can know and offer tips.

  • pat7 Jul 9, 2012

    And this made New because ??? Lost