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Bandaged man robs Duplin credit union

Posted December 28, 2010

— A man with bandages on his nose and left cheek robbed a Duplin County credit union at gunpoint last week, police said Tuesday.

The man held up the Piedmont Advantage Credit Union at about 1 p.m. Dec. 23. He was carrying a small, silver handgun and a reusable grocery bag made of red cloth, police said.

The robber was described as a black man, 5 feet, 4 inches tall and about 165 pounds, with a mustache. He was wearing a dark blue or black jacket with a hood, a black hat with a bill and baggy blue jeans.

A $5,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the robber's arrest.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Kenansville Police Department at 910-296-0369.


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  • fatchanceimwrong Dec 28, 2010

    Hater like Darth Vader: My post was somewhat sarcastic as to banning hoodies and baggy pants...of course that's a ridiculous statement if meant to be serious. My point was that most everytime you see crimes such as this the perps are dressed similarly...hoodies and baggy jeans. My thought is that many wear these similar style clothes so that they can blend in and be difficult to identify. Most of the time the law ends up looking for someone wearing a hoodie and baggy jeans. They drive around and see most everyone around wearing hoodies and baggy jeans. Perhaps it's a way for those in high crime areas to create this situation and shield themselves.

  • alwayslovingu30 Dec 28, 2010

    ow you wont get 40 years if your caught the last 2 to rob first citizens in zebulon were A couple she got off scott free because
    of mental issues being bi polar.Her boyfriend got only 16 months in A min security prison.just goes to show you will not get 40 years according to wake county courts

  • mikeyj Dec 28, 2010

    What we have here, is a product of "BULLYING".

  • common tater Dec 28, 2010

    pretty sure that guy played a ewok in Star Wars, should be easy to find him

  • Hater like Darth Vader Dec 28, 2010

    Fatchanceimwrong: You're actually wrong this time. That's almost as crazy as saying we should ban black people because the guy is black.

    But either way, he looks like a beat up midget, so maybe he needs the money more than the people at the bank.

  • smcallah Dec 28, 2010

    Yeah, we should ban clothing in a free society. That makes everyone safer, comrade.

  • fatchanceimwrong Dec 28, 2010

    Just outlaw hoodies and baggy jeans. It seems like that's what just about all of these criminals wear. Ban them and the criminals won't have a clue how to rob anyone.