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Autopsy: Soldier who died on highway was drunk

Posted May 22, 2009

— A Fort Bragg soldier who died on the side of a Fayetteville highway last month was drunk, according to an autopsy report.

Army Sgt. Jason Lightfoot, 30, died on the shoulder of All American Freeway on April 24. Police initially said they believed that Lightfoot  was walking on the northbound shoulder toward Fort Bragg and was hit by a Jeep driven by a female acquaintance.

After questioning the driver and reconstructing the incident, however, investigators determined Lightfoot's death was an accident.

Lightfoot and the woman were arguing in the vehicle when she pulled off the highway near the Cliffdale Road exit and ordered Lightfoot to get out, investigators said. As the woman began to drive off, Lightfoot jumped onto the side of the Jeep, but he lost his grip, rolled off the vehicle and fell to the pavement, hitting his head, police said.

An autopsy determined that Lightfoot's blood-alcohol content was 0.15, or almost twice the level North Carolina considers as intoxicated for driving. The cause of death was listed as blunt force trauma to the head, with alcohol intoxication as a contributing factor, according to the autopsy report.


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  • djofraleigh May 22, 2009

    We can't know what happened, in fact, on the side of the road, but the story sounds true enough to me. He was under the influence, too drunk to drive, but he wasn't driving.

    WHAT WAS THE WOMAN'S BLOOD ALCOHOL? Personally, from experience, I BLAME ALCOHOL. The woman was likely drinking too, is my guess. He acted a fool, and it cost him his life. I think life will just go on, her living with her conscience with him laid in the ground over pouring foolishness in his mouth pretending it was a party time.

  • Canon36 May 22, 2009

    Unforttunately, we do not know what he was doing to do to her if he got inside the vehicle. Since he had no regards for his own life, hers could of been in danger if he was able to get to her. I do feel for the guy because he died, but that is what happens when you drink and do not do so responsibly. You do stupid things like jumping onto a moving vehicle, which being sober, he may of thought twice and may of still been alive today. Lesson for all the people who drink and act stupid.

  • john283594 May 22, 2009

    Sounds like he was asking for it, she had a right to drive away if a maniac is trying to hold on to her car!

  • devilblue May 22, 2009

    Maybe he was being violent and belligerent which is why she told him to get out of her vehicle. She may have been afraid of him. He was the one responsible for how much he drank.

  • mpheels May 22, 2009

    She may have contributed to his death, but not criminally. His family probably has a decent wrongful death case.

  • Piny tek May 22, 2009

    So what they are saying is this woman didn't contribute to this man's death? As far as am concerned she should be held responsible to a certain degree. If the guy was holding the vehicle why did she continue to drive?