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Authorities investigate 'sexting' incidents at 2 local high schools

Posted April 27, 2016

— Authorities with the Wake County Sheriff’s Office and Fuquay-Varina Police Department are investigating separate cases of sexual exploitation of a minor after students at high schools in Garner and Fuquay-Varina were found to have photos depicting sexual acts on their phones.

On March 17, investigators with the Wake County Sheriff’s Office were asked to assist Garner police after the parents of a teen girl found pornography on her phone. According to the warrants, the girl was a participant in the sex acts. The parents also reported seeing texts to and from their daughter referencing the images and text messages that discussed large sums of money given to a fellow student by the girl, the warrant said.

As they investigated at Garner High, police confiscated phones from four other students and found photos, video and text descriptions of students having sex with one another.

In a separate incident, officers seized cell phones from two students at Fuquay-Varina High School as part of an investigation there.

On April 14, a female student told school administrators about a video of her which was circulating in school, according to warrants.

She told investigators that she participated in the sexual encounter willingly but was unaware that the interaction was being recorded.

Police took phones belonging to both students named in the warrant, but the document did not record what was found on the devices.


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  • Tracy Watson Apr 28, 2016
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    The reason they called the cops is because their daughter was being extorted for money and had already paid a large sum....the article states that.

  • Doug Bradley Apr 28, 2016
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    I thought the same thing when I read it. You're putting your daughter in legal jeopardy. As a parent you just sit down and talk to your daughter about it. The only reason I see to call the police is if a rape took place.

    And Steve Clark it's possible she was having sex with others in the room. In that case it would be reasonable to expect someone to film it. Teenagers record everything these days.

  • Amanda Townsend Apr 28, 2016
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    The article is confusing to me. The girl in question appears to have been a participant in the acts. Why would the parents call the police about that? Would you really want the police involved in a family situation such as that? It should be a discipline issue taken care of by the parents. Unfortunately, yes, these are kids being kids. But, we still need to educate our kids about the long-term consequences these actions have, these days.

  • Steve Clark Apr 28, 2016
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    I honestly think this isn't going to change until they start treating the girls Exactly the same as the boys.

    The one girl that claims she didn't know it was being recorded... I feel awful for her if that's true.. but how can we know if that's true?... OR if she knew, but he 'promised' to keep it private.. and now she's embarrassed because he didn't.

    Would this start to get into the 'revenge porn law' the state recently passed?

  • Johnathan Gault Apr 28, 2016
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    Thank-you Doug. Teenagers are being teenagers. When I was in HS we did not have the newest technology, but many inappropriate trysts and mischief went on. Yet we all grew up be productive adults. Nowadays the socio-fascists are TOO QUICK to put these children on the sex offender registry. I am a venture capitalist on a very small scale. One of my ventures is a private investigation firm. He has said the SO registry has lost its purpose because it has become so diluted with non-violent misdemeanors who offenses did not involve children. Ergo, teenagers sending selfies or sexting. "Oh no I saw a 16 yo breast instead of an 18 yo breast." Congratulations son you are now on the SO registry. In this case the stupid parents just set up their daughter to be put on the registry. "Brillant!" Hope she was not planning on having a career that involved children.

  • Chad Johnson Apr 28, 2016
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    Wish had teachers like that when I was in school

  • Tracy Watson Apr 28, 2016
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    Not sure why just two high schools...I'm sure if you "investigate" you'll find this at ALL local high schools.

  • Lance Boyle Apr 28, 2016
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    what did ppl think kids were going to do with this technology, study math?

  • Doug Bradley Apr 27, 2016
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    My belief is that it's getting to the point where the law needs to just start staying out of this stuff. Kids are gonna keep doing this and the number of kids doing it is gonna get higher and higher. It's just a generational thing and that's just the way it it. You're not gonna stop it. Some kids are gonna do it and some aren't. Unless there is some coercion or an adult is involved, it's time to let these kids make their own mistakes. They know the risks involved.