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Arrest made in serial bank robbery case

Posted February 15, 2012

— The FBI arrested a man Wednesday in the robbery of two Wake County banks since September. 

John Larry Morrison, 36, of Greensboro, faces two charges of common law robbery in connection with the Sept. 23 robbery of a SunTrust Bank branch at 6300 Creedmoor Road in Raleigh and a Nov. 25 robbery at a SunTrust branch at 1273 NW Maynard Road in Cary. 

The man responsible for both robberies was dubbed the "No Bag Bandit" because he carried the stolen cash off in his hands instead of using a bag, the FBI said. 

Morrison, also known as Ralph Linwood, was already being held in the Durham County jail in connection with the Dec. 17 robbery of a Rite Aid drug store. 

Originally, authorities said they believed Morrison was linked to the Jan. 19 robbery of a Wells Fargo branch at 1301 Fifth Ave. in Garner. He is no longer considered a suspect in that robbery, the FBI said. 


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  • friskymonkey2 Feb 16, 2012

    This guy's going to get the death penalty. He stole money! God forbid a monetary gain crime go unpunished with a 10-15 year term. I have said it before. I bet if he raped someone, they wouldn't have been as adamant on apprehending him. Since he stole good ol' money and made a profit off of his crime, they are going to make him feel "injected".

  • REALY Feb 16, 2012

    LORD,people will complian about anything... put on your big girl pants and push on

  • nonemeant Feb 16, 2012

    Yes, desperate times call for desperate measures. How else to afford gasoline to get to the next bank???

  • IHeartThe1Percent Feb 16, 2012

    I don't know how this turned into president bashing either, but I love it. He stinks and I think he is sub-par at best. If he wants Communism he should go back to whatever country he was born in.

  • l.keys Feb 16, 2012

    how this turned into President bashing is still beyond me. He promised several things and has delivered. I am SURE he isn't the 1st that didn't complete a task....oh but I guess the other things he did were just nothing...like ending a war that we shouldn't have been in the 1st place losing lives and wasting billions after billions of dollars...the BIG picture

  • dontstopnow Feb 16, 2012

    Maybe he figured if he got caught and was sentenced to 5 or so years he might be out by the time the economy picks up and he can find a real job. :)

  • common tater Feb 16, 2012

    Calling others Lost Souls...that's not judging?

  • jblake1932 Feb 16, 2012

    missem: Gas prices when obamablah took office was 2.34 a gallon. He stated that the prices were ridiculous and that he was gonna see to it that if he was elected, he would work on solving the problem. WELL, HE DID AND MADE IT WORSE, ALONG WITH EVERYTHING ELSE HE HAS TOUCHED!

  • not my real name Feb 16, 2012

    Not much of a disguise. Maybe he wanted to get caught.

  • l.keys Feb 16, 2012

    miseem---True!! The man is a criminal...end of story...