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Arrest made in beating on Raleigh's Hillsborough St.

Posted October 4, 2010
Updated October 5, 2010

— Raleigh police arrested a suspect Monday in the beating of a man outside a Hillsborough Street bar last week.

Charles Zachary Poll, 25, of Raleigh is charged with assault inflicting serious injury for an attack on Evan Benjamin Lawrence, 23.

Lawrence's father spoke to the media Friday night, less than 24 hours after, he said, his son was hit over the head outside the Jackpot Bar, at 1303 Hillsborough St.

Ben Lawrence said his son suffered serious head trauma and underwent about three hours of surgery. He was in critical condition Tuesday. Ben Lawrence pleaded with the public for tips about his son's assailant.

On Monday, police spokesman Jim Sughrue said tips were instrumental in identifying Poll as the suspect.


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  • cll777 Oct 6, 2010

    jim j- I know you're a buddy of Zack's. I'm a friend of Evan's. Since you've done a fantastic job of smearing Evan's (or is it Ben?) name while lacking any substance whatsoever, let me clear the air:

    If you heard "Ben" is a hot headed drunk--whoever Ben is. Evan goes by his first name. Almost every night I went out this year I was with Evan. He NEVER was ANYTHING but cordial, polite, and friendly to EVERYONE.

    You're incorrect about the witnesses-they were with Zack. Evan was outside by himself. End of story.

    Evan works a full-time job and had work the next day. He went to Jackpot because he lives a block away and it was closing after Thurs night. He wasn't "so drunk he hit his head." In fact, I've NEVER seen Evan visibly intoxicated OR EVEN THE SLIGHTEST BIT, OUT OF LINE. Period.

    The man who attacked Evan struck him, picked him up off his feet and rammed him head-first into the wall or concrete. This was corroborated by the police (via testimonies) & the neurosurgeon.

  • laura4136 Oct 5, 2010

    Anyone who knows Zach will attest to the fact that the stories in the news, if true, are totally bizarre in reaction to his actual personality. He's a softie, dare I say wimp...my assumption before yesterday was he would run away from any fight. However, I can only assume an alcohol induced evening led them to both say/do things out of character, and unfortunately, when you put a head injury in the mix, you can have freak/tragic results.

  • LuvLivingInCary Oct 5, 2010

    if he dies, then this poor poll kid gets the spend of the rest of his life in prison and justice will be served for taking a man's life.

  • hshaw37 Oct 5, 2010

    Posters, commenters and the like:

    If your refering to the individual who has been charged in this case by anything other than Zach than it is obvious that you do not know him well enough to publish your conclusions about him.

    He has been merely charged with a crime. Many men have been charged and found later to have been wrongfully or overly charged as a result of exagerations and over broadcasting the only known facts in situation.

    Lets allow the both family's involved in this unfortunate incident the ability to process what is happening in the lives of each of their sons lives and leave the comments about how drunk, criminal or deliberate their actions have been to this point.

    If your child caused unknown amounts of serious injuries to another child regardless of the situation, I can only imagine that you would want the other child to regain his or her health and your child to face the music of their actions in full, however without being crucified before the start.

  • IdoN0TliveinDurham Oct 5, 2010

    "Had a severe head injury once" - illegals--GO HOME.

    ahhh. that explains it.

  • Jeremiah Oct 5, 2010

    "Nothing good happens in bars after midnight"

    this is not true. have had plenty of good times in bars after midnight. and i've never been beaten or beat anybody.

  • micah Oct 5, 2010

    Jim-Jones: Evan's friends were inside at the time of the incident. None of his friends were witnesses to the fight. The only witnesses were the one or two friends that were with the SUSPECT at the time, and of course Evan himself.

  • rfred16 Oct 5, 2010

    "illegals..go home. Next time you enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables, you might want to rethink that phrase"

    Uhhhhh....what did people eat before illegals came in such numbers? Believe it or not, there was plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables then too!

  • cbarnett Oct 5, 2010

    Evidently young people today have nothing to live for. I can't imagine spending nearly my entire life in jail. So sad for the families, too.

  • Tom Morrow Oct 5, 2010

    "Doesn't justify beating someone."

    First off, I agree whole-heartedly. Someone said it yesterday, or a couple of days ago... can't remember, but anyway, there are only 2 ways that humans can interact with each other: using reason, or using force. All interactions can be categorized into one of these two. Clearly for some, reason is not much of an option, so they are left with nothing but force. It is a shame, because if using reason instead, no one would be hurt or incarcerated. But no, "let's solve this like men", whatever the heck that means...