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Armed robbers steal bank deposit bag in Cary

Posted June 17, 2013

— Cary police were searching for two men who robbed someone trying to make a deposit at a Wells Fargo bank Monday night.

Police said the victim was approached by two men in ski masks outside the bank on Walnut Street shortly before 10 p.m. The men brandished a handgun, and the victim dropped the deposit bag and ran.

Raleigh police brought in a search dog, which tracked the scent of the robbers through woods to a nearby street. Police said that’s likely where the robbers got into a car and fled.


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  • liberalmindset Jun 21, 2013

    prozac-how do you suggest preventing major crimes such as armed robberies??? the cops cant be everywhere at the same time can they? your expectations are absurd and unrealistic...guess you think cary officers don't get other calls they have to worry about when citizens call in about minor things that could be handled themselves...

  • liberalmindset Jun 21, 2013

    cary is falling apart? these stories dont make the news in Durham, Raleigh, etc...you know why? they are busy reporting on shootings, murders, stabbings, etc that cary really only has once in a blue moon...

  • liberalmindset Jun 21, 2013

    jscott13-you may not realize this, but the officers are busy with other calls and cannot simply drive up and down a road all night..chances are they would still get away. how about you go volunteer and do that?

  • liberalmindset Jun 21, 2013

    fireguy-you are advising to leave the doors unlocked??? guess you dont know that most of the cases are unlocked doors...they dont often go out of the way to break windows, only once in a while and that is if something is in plain view. lock your doors and remove valuables, nuff said...

  • LuvLivingInCary Jun 21, 2013

    i'm curious...most of these big armed robberies happen in the day, most from 9am-12pm. i rarely see officers in the day but after 7pm when the night shifts start they are swarming and looking for easy violations.

    hmm...seems like they need to focus on big ticket items instead of the small change stuff.

  • 123dnih Jun 20, 2013

    inside job

  • fireguy Jun 18, 2013

    according to the police radio traffic the suspects(2) got away with $353. If this was an inside job they sure did pick a bad night for it. As for the vehicle break ins not making the news - In the area between maynard/chatham/walnut/academy there have been probably 50 vehicle break ins in the last 6 months, and several times it was on the news. Nobody wants to read over and over about cars getting broke into. My advise is leave you car unlocked and let them take what they want because they are going to get it anyway. Then your left with alot of glass to clean and a headache to get it replaced.

  • MikeTysonsPunchOut Jun 18, 2013

    @Obamacare forever: I got robbed at gunpoint while making a night deposit & I sure as heck didn't get any money out of it. Just a concussion for getting pistol whipped in the head. It's possible this was an inside job, but it's also possible it wasn't.

  • Obamacare forever Jun 18, 2013

    I agree with zoso62. This has the makings of an inside job. I'm sure the employee and his friends are splitting up the cash as I type this.

  • JuicyDeetts Jun 18, 2013

    zoso62- I have worked at a bank, some criminals "case" people if they are doing banking business for their work and take the same route or have the same routine.

    Banks offer a service called "Night Drop" specifically for these types of transactions, business deposits that need to be made after close of business when the bank is not open.

    It helps if you are "informed."