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Apex leaders approve plan to build Costco along US 64

Posted November 19, 2013
Updated November 20, 2013

— Apex town leaders on Tuesday night approved a measure to rezone a tract of land along U.S. Highway 64 to allow for the construction of a retail development that would include a Costco discount warehouse. 

Town Council members first voted 4-1 to rezone a 35-acre plot between Laura Duncan Road and Lake Pine Drive from a residential and agricultural area to a commercial area. 

After hours of debate, the council then voted 4-1 to approve a plan that would bring a Costco to the town. Leaders said Tuesday that construction will begin early in 2014. 

A Costco-anchored shopping center, supporters say, would add 250 jobs to the local economy and would also mean millions of dollars in tax revenue.

"It's going to add jobs. I like that part of it," John Stanton, an Apex resident, said. "It's going to be a good framework for the entrance to Apex coming down U.S. Highway 64 from Cary."

Some residents have expressed concern about increased traffic in the area as a result of the retail center.

Mayor Pro Tem Gene Schulze voted against the proposal, citing the traffic impact and whether the retail location would be compatible to the area. 

"Traffic is going to be one of the primary concerns because, when you have a store like Costco coming in, you're going to be drawing traffic in from all over Wake County," homeowner Jeff Brown said. 


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  • fullsuspension Nov 25, 2013

    workerbee, love that idea: This is surprising as this is a horrible location with Apex High across the street. There is an open field down 64 where Walmart was supposed to go off Green Level Church Rd that could have accommodated this development. It even has a bridge that ties it to Beaver Creek. Can't figure out why that wasn't used. Too logical I guess.

  • Paidforalittlewhile Nov 21, 2013

    Moved to NC and complain - seems to be the thing this week. (1) At least Costco is going to be situated at US64 and not smack in the middle of a quite little upscale neighborhood. That would be a bummer. (2) Move into downtown Raleigh and complain about the late night noise - then DONT move into the hussle and bussle and then complain about it. (3) Move into down Raleigh and complain about the train horns in the middle of the night - then tell people to stay off the tracks OR DONT COMPLAIN! As a native of Raleigh (57 years) I never expected my town to develop the way it did - if I can put up with it so can you newcomers.

  • Deb1003 Nov 21, 2013

    Bobber, thanks for correcting my typo regarding I64 and US64. I lived in VA for a number of years and my mistake for typing in the wrong designation regarding "state" vs "interstate". I also realize any design changes for that intersection are years away. I said it was in the plans. My kids graduated from AHS recently and we hated the fact juniors and seniors were encouraged to leave the school for lunch. It's a parents nightmare...just as I'm sure it is for the parents of Cary HS students, that mall must be quite enticing for them.

  • blahz Nov 20, 2013

    Apex the "peak" of good shopping... cheaply... come for the shopping centers stay for the traffic jams

  • timmytim Nov 20, 2013

    "Why build a new one? Use the empty Kroger store at 64 and Lake Pine."

    The Kroger store at 64 and Lake Pine is very much in business... Whether it will continue to be after Costco opens up is something else entirely. I'm looking forward to Joining here and not having to trek all the way out to BJ's on Walnut Street from Apex anymore :-)

  • scot30 Nov 20, 2013

    All these people saying that they use their Visa card at Costco all the time cannot be doing so unless it's a Visa debit card and they run it through as a debit transaction requiring a PIN number to be entered. Visa cannot be used as a credit card (requiring a signature rather than a PIN) at Costco. The ONLY credit card Costco takes is American Express. I shop at Costco all the time, and have NEVER seen ANY Costco location that takes Visa in any way other than a debit card - including the Raleigh location. And debit cards DO have the same protections as credit cards as long as the debit card has the Visa or MasterCard logo on it. I've had unauthorized use of my debit card in the past, and the bank immediately replaced the funds the day after I reported it.

  • Mr William Nov 20, 2013

    Costco's membership provides AmEx card and the card already works fine in the cheapo gas pumps at Kroger in Apex. My last fill-up was 50 cents off a gallon, thanks to Kroger fuel points. With Costco next door, the competition for gasoline sales will be interesting.

    And, Costco sells sales leads for cars, so adjacent Hendrick Toyota may benefit if they sign up with Costco. Ditto for adjacent Nissan store. For now, Costco sends me to Winston-Salem Toyota store to buy same. No Dealer DOC Fees, and car is delivered to my driveway by the Toyota store in Winston-Salem.

    Costco in-store cafe is a quality bargain. Kids will pack it at lunch time.

  • Bobber Nov 20, 2013

    Deb1003, you mean US 64; Interstate 64 is a couple of hundred miles away in Virginia. It's not the town that's going to do anything about that road, but rather the state DOT. That intersection will eventually be replaced with an interchange that includes pedestrian access on the bridge over 64, as part of an upgrade of US 64 through Cary and Apex. But that project isn't even funded yet, and won't happen until the 2020s. Costco will be open long before that. I'm sure that it will be an attractive destination for AHS students who get to leave campus during lunch. Hopefully, the store will take more than a year to build so that my son will have graduated from AHS before it actually opens.

  • kikinc Nov 20, 2013

    "Why build a new one? Use the empty Kroger store at 64 and Lake Pine."

    Since when is that store empty?

    And it doesn't come close to the size needed for a Costco.

  • uncw05 Nov 20, 2013

    Pseudonym- Costco is way bigger than Kroger.