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Alleged intruder charged after being shot during Henderson break-in

Posted May 13, 2014

Gregory Julian Johnson

— Vance County authorities have arrested two men in connection with a Henderson break-in Monday morning in which a home owner shot the alleged intruder.

The sheriff's office said Tuesday that Gregory Julian Johnson, 23, of 812 State St., faces charges of felony breaking and entering, attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon after he allegedly broke into a home on Thomas Lane.

Investigators say the homeowner, Jonathan Haith, shot Johnson – who had a weapon – in the arm before Johnson ran away and was picked up by the driver of a green 1997 Acura TL.

The alleged driver, Michael Stroman, 32, of 604 McBorn St., was arrested on a felony charge of accessory after the fact to breaking and entering.

Johnson was in the Vance County jail under a $100,000 bond Tuesday. He was also being held without bond on a fugitive charge stemming from an outstanding robbery charge in New York.

Stroman was initially jailed under a $1,000 bond.

Haith said Monday that he was sleeping around 9:45 a.m. when he heard someone kick in a door to his home.

He grabbed his AR-15 rifle from under his bed, he said, and surprised the intruder.

"He shot first. I shot second," Haith said. "He missed, and I reckon, I connected."


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  • notexactly May 14, 2014

    1k$ bond for the driver? really? That is why they both are still breaking the law. They both should have never been on the street to start with. to bad the bullet didn't take out at least one of them

  • notexactly May 14, 2014

    once the perp broke into the home with a weapon, at that point in this state, you can use deadly force. Even if the perp was outside with a gun, and you tell them to leave your property, and they don't, you are in danger of bodily harm or death, you can use deadly force. what part of that do you libs not get.

  • skidkid269 May 14, 2014

    Doesn't matter if the "alleged intruder" had a shot first, or even had a gun. If you are in someone's house, you can be shot. Lesson: don't break into people's houses!

  • notexactly May 14, 2014

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    It really does not matter about the intruders side of the story in this case man!! He was in the guys house with a weapon. The owner had every right to shoot the perp. I would have shoot several rounds to make sure he didn't get away. A dead man tells no lies.

  • TarHeelBrit May 13, 2014

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    Are you serious? so what are you saying the homeowner went outside grabbed an innocent bystander dragged him inside gave him a gun and said shoot me so I can shoot you back.

    He broke into a private home and paid for it...no sympathy here.

  • allenmga May 13, 2014

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    His house was broken into and he defended it. Why are you pointing fingers at the home owner if that's what the evidence supports?