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Accident Snarls Traffic on U.S. 1

Posted June 27, 2007

— An accident has snarled traffic on U.S. South 1 through Lee County, Sanford police report.

A car flipped over and landed in the median near Exit 74, two miles north of Sanford.

The southbound left lane was blocked, causing traffic to back up. Police said they finished clearing the accident scene around 9:30 a.m.

One injured person was flown to UNC Hospitals.


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  • dsdaughtry Jun 27, 2007

    When I lived in Washington DC we had Speed Cameras. Let me tell you first hand that getting a ticket in the mail for speeding will really curtail anyone from speeding. I would like to see Speed Cameras on Capital Blvd and US1 if possible in the future.

    In the meantime I would like to see local law enforcement on the roads instead of just the NCSHP. Cary tends to only hand out tickets during a joint operation which is fine for only a day. Other than that its back to speeding as usual. Radar detectors are usually a sign that speeders know all the speed traps but when they slow down for the radar they just speed back up to the normal 80+ MPH.

    We just need to start calling in Careless Speeders to 911 and *HP to send a signal that we are tired of unsafe drivers on our roads. I am sure emergency centers will get the message based on the number of calls.

  • countrytime Jun 27, 2007

    'oldrebel'.. I AGREE.. I drive this route every day .. have called NCHP on MANY occassions to inform them of speed deamons that are swerving in and out of traffic and road rage going on (North in the AM and South in the PM) and do you think ANYONE responds? NOPE! Actually sat on line with operator from CARY / WALNUT ST. TO SANFORD reporting road rage and car going excessive speed. Do you think I seen a NCHP? NOPE! Did see a Deputy with a car pulled but of course the road rager calmed down till he got past there. I KNOW - I see it every day. Speeders and Road Rage -- BAD!!! NCHP really needs to crack down along US1 South .. especially in the afternoons! THEY ARE CRAZY!

  • christinathefern Jun 27, 2007

    #1. Law enforcement's hands were tied when the DOT people put up those barriers between directions of travel on highways. There is no place to turn around and go after people on the opposite side of the highway, so they have to go to the next exit and do so. Kinda makes speed limit enforcement difficult.
    #2. Fire and EMS also have to do the same to save a life...way to go DOT.
    #3. Lee County residents have almost twice the state rate for motor vehicle fatalities. And it's not people from other places dying here, if someone from Sanford dies in Raleigh, that death still gets tagged to Lee County because that's where they are a resident. Blame the snowbirds all you want, but it's not their deaths that are jacking up our death rate.

  • JustCrazy2 Jun 27, 2007

    *OldRebel* I agree 100%.

  • PT Jun 27, 2007

    It was an SUV, I saw the wreck this morning on my way to work... upside down, front smashed in pretty bad... ugly...

  • Mrfeelgood Jun 27, 2007

    kinda funny, yaright.........

    PS! I'm from here....

  • ltbarkley Jun 27, 2007

    any bets on whether or not it was an SUV?

  • Z Man Jun 27, 2007

    Due to the US Womens Open golf tournament, this stretch of road will be very busy the next few days. Over 200,000 people are expected from now 'til Sunday. Many will fly into RDU then drive down US1 to Southern Pines.

    Possibly this incident involved someone headed to a practice round.

  • oldrebel Jun 27, 2007

    re"NC drivers ED strikes again."....I didn't see where in the story it said the driver involved had taken NC Drivers Ed, or for that matter was even a North Carolinian. I notice a lot of "Yankee" plates on vehicles involved in NC wrecks. And , bless their lil hearts, they (Yankee's) come down heah with all their "snow driving experience" and wipe out in their first ice storm. LOL....right....bad things happen to people, regardless whether they're natives or snowbirds. Maybe if the NCHP would crack down on all the speeders on that particular stretch on Highway #1, there wouldn't be so many accidents.

  • yaright Jun 27, 2007

    NC drivers ED strikes again.