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21-year-old Cary man accused of sex crimes with 14-year-old

Posted November 11, 2013

Kenneth Gunter

— A 21-year-old Cary man faces a dozen charges after being arrested Sunday on accusations that he had sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Kenneth Gunter, of 105 Larkwood Lane, was in the Wake County Detention Center Monday under a $677,000 secured bond on four counts of statutory rape stemming from allegations that he had sex with the teen between Sept. 20 and Nov. 10.

He also faces one count each of indecent liberties with a child and third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor. Those charges are in connection with him allegedly taking sexually explicit images of the girl.

Gunter also faces several other charges, including three counts of carrying a concealed weapon and one count each of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Arrest warrants accuse him of having in his possession a glass smoking pipe, up to a half ounce of marijuana, black metallic knuckles, a 12-inch Winchester Bowie knife and a Colt Lawman .357 Magnum revolver.

Gunter was expected to make his first court appearance Tuesday.


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  • Sumo Vita Nov 15, 2013

    That's what you get for living in a Nanny State - evil government workers persecuting patriotic, 2nd-amendment-loving, concealed-carrying Americans and curtailing their freedoms. We know he's law abiding too, because you have to take a course before you can get a CC permit.

  • RaleighHunts Nov 15, 2013

    @raleighboy524 Yeah, Cary is REALLY dangerous... Or, perhaps it was just rated the #1 safest city between 100k-500k population in the ENTIRE United States...

  • timmyy Nov 12, 2013

    "jasonconaway6969, she may have known what she was doing but at fourteen she still has the mind of a child and at 21 he is the adult and should have left her alone!!"

    I'd like to go on record and say I know several children 14 or younger who are much more mature than many "adults" that are 21 or older. Just seems like a very bold assumption for one who knows neither of these people.

  • jasonconaway6969 Nov 12, 2013

    @ Ijaz Fahted...Yes they are young kids, yes they know what sex is. Yes she knew what she was doing. Didnt blame the 14yr old. I blamed them both. I was referring to girls now days have no respect for themselves. I think our laws on this subject are flawed. I knew a guy who was sent to prison because of a yr or two age difference. So yes stop putting words in my mouth! We have kids in middle school smoking pot, having sex, and doing only God knows what. A 14 yr old knows what they are doing! Like I said I have a 12 yr old daughter fixn to turn 13. I hear all kinds of mess that goes on!

  • NCSU84 Nov 12, 2013

    Nice house the parents live at. One never knows..

  • kjjones4 Nov 12, 2013

    I went to high school with this guy....can't say i'm surprised

  • raleighboy524 Nov 12, 2013

    Cary is getting scary.

  • gingerlynn Nov 12, 2013

    I am sure his parents that own the house at that address are very proud of their son. Drugs, paraphenalia, porn and a minor female. Lovely.

  • lickashot4bk Nov 11, 2013

    Scary I tell my son to be very careful and I have a Daughter as well and I let them both know the rights and wrongs and the consequences of their actions.

  • bluecanary Nov 11, 2013

    She might have "known what she was doing" but she's not of legal age to give consent, and I'm sure he knew that. Now he gets to enjoy the perks of the sex offender registry for life.